Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Little baller!

Evan started his first day of basketball practice this week. I cannot even begin to tell you the day we had looking for basketball shoes in a size 2. Apparently, every little boy's basketball shoe that he liked were running around on someone else's size 2 foot in the world. 
We set off for the city to search for Cinderfella's shoes, and after FIVE shoe stores, we scored big. 
They had his size.
In shoes he loved.
and the big kid basketball boy down the street (in Em's grade) approved (because that's what's important), and he would know, because, well, he knows everything about basketball, mom!

He proudly wore them out of the store and every moment since. 

His very first shots at the hoop were incredible. He claims it was the shoes...and the jersey. We'll take it!
We're dedicating this video to Granpa Joe, basketball coaching legend...

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