Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Little baller!

Evan started his first day of basketball practice this week. I cannot even begin to tell you the day we had looking for basketball shoes in a size 2. Apparently, every little boy's basketball shoe that he liked were running around on someone else's size 2 foot in the world. 
We set off for the city to search for Cinderfella's shoes, and after FIVE shoe stores, we scored big. 
They had his size.
In shoes he loved.
and the big kid basketball boy down the street (in Em's grade) approved (because that's what's important), and he would know, because, well, he knows everything about basketball, mom!

He proudly wore them out of the store and every moment since. 

His very first shots at the hoop were incredible. He claims it was the shoes...and the jersey. We'll take it!
We're dedicating this video to Granpa Joe, basketball coaching legend...

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I'm Organizing!! :: Week One

Everyone is all ramped up for the new year with all these great new goals and such, and I'm sittin' here all "I'm aliiiive!! Woot!!". I'm not gonna make an exercise goal, or a diet goal, or an anti-shopping goal (sorry, babe), but I'm totally making a decrapification goal...again. And, because i'm the mom, I'm totally forcing it on the whole family this year. It's our collective goal, even if they have no idea yet. It's a de-crap kinda year, people! The year of the sheep! And we have TWO sheep in our family, so I figure that gives us some kinda boost for luck, right?? Right. 
I've tried to follow along with Declutter 365 every year for probably 5 years now. I've also managed to fail miserably for probably 5 years now. 5 for 5. Pretty good record, eh? I know. Major underachiever. In fact, I never actually made it past the first week!!
BUT, it's already the second week of 2015 and I'm still here!! I'm hanging in there!! I figure that if I document this journey, I may be more apt to keep it up - so bug me about it, if I stop! Or join me in this quest!! We can purge the crap together!! Start a support group! 
She actually has a Declutter 365 Facebook Group, but I'm not on FB, so I'm outta the group, I guess (sad face). 
A lot of the things on her daily schedule don't really apply to my specific house, so I've changed a few days or moved them around here and there. This month, being the kitchen, has been good for me. I always tend to start cleaning the kitchen first, just because I pretty much live there. Heart of the home and all that jazz, am I right?
So far, I've gone through and decluttered/organized a whopping 4 drawers.
wahh wahh wahh. (that was a sad tuba sound)
But, hey! One drawer a day keeps it manageable, and for those of us that tend to curl up in a corner and rock when things get too overwhelming, it's bank. AND I get to drop off a full grocery bag of stuff at the resale shop!
So, without further ado...the before & afters!

The Silverware Drawer:

You're not going to believe this - but I found a binkie in there!! Evan hasn't even had a binkie since we moved into this house! So when I think I was going to tell you that I had decluttered quite a bit before the move, I obviously need to think again. 
For this drawer, I got rid of a lot of medicine droppers. The einsteins are older now, and although they like to use the syringes, they can totally handle a dosage cup. (But, I kept a few for Buckbeak)
The serving utensils moved to a bigger basket because it was a little cramped in that little bottom box for them, and it freed up space for the chopsticks to move in and quit trying to get stuck underneath the silverware organizer.
Shot glasses moved to their home with the collection (this was, apparently, a holding spot for the collection in between the trip we went on and the moving to the mass of other shot glasses in the collection). 
Em & Ev - look at your little lunchbox silverware boxes! Aww! I'll be so sad the day those go away!!

Cooking Utensils Drawer:

 This one was just one big mass utensil soup. I made boxes from (can you guess?) LEGO boxes! and placed them in the drawer. The things we use almost daily (spatulas, rice paddles, and measuring spoons) went to the front and the rest went in the big compartment. A lot of things in here headed to the donate pile. (And a couple things I had to ask my sister what the heck they actually WERE!)

Other Utensil Drawer:

This drawer started off with just my sandwhich/cookie cutters, but slowly became the overflow drawer for everything else, which is fine. Every kitchen needs a homeless shelter. Welcome to ours. 

All the rice molds and Popsicle parts got their own box, as did the "seldom used" things like lemon juicers and cheese graters. The hot dog cutter actually gets used fairy often, so he got lovingly tossed on top. I mean, one can only organize so much before the whole "just throw it over there" takes over...just sayin'...

The Lunch Drawer:

This drawer gets a lot of use, and tends to get a little crazy pretty quick because of that. I'm not one of those moms that makes those uber cute bento box lunches every day, but I tend to add little bits of happy inside as much as I can. Things like crackers or raisins get put in cupcake liners and they always have a pick in there for cheese squares or fruits, so i have a lot of these. I managed to downsize their compartments into several of my coffee containers. This made it roomier for everything else. i took the icing pens and food markers out of their boxes for easier access (why didn't I do that earlier?!?! i think i just saved 2 minutes per morning!!) I also was able to add their yogurt koozies to the drawer from elsewhere, since their drink koozies were already here. 

SO, that's it! 
Care to join me?!? 

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Scraps of HAPPY!

I was doing a sewing project with Ems and decided I really needed to do something with t
all the scraps of fabric I had. There are pieces of baby books, doll dresses, bulletin boards, you name it, we have a leftover. We tossed in a few new pieces from the current project and voila, pretty rainbowish goodness. 

Pretty scraps!

Cut & Stacked


Buntings over Lego City!
Ready for distribution!
We ended up making about 5 different ones, even a teeny tiny one for Buckbeak's habitat!

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I'm an AUNTIE!!!

I love her already.

Can't wait to meet you, sweet niece!!

xoxo, Auntie
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