Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Violinist

Did I tell you Emma was playing in the orchestra this year? If not, I totally did a disservice. She's AMAZING. I mean, not Mozart or anything, but she rocks a pretty violin. 
Her first concert of the year was an orchestra fundraiser, and for whatever reason, the pictures my phone & camera took both look like 70's polaroid quality, so, yeah. Groovy, baby.

They had to have a simple "uniform" that for some reason, was NOT so simple to find. I have no idea how that's possible, but it was. A friend and I went to probably 7 stores one day looking for black slacks and a white button up shirt that 1. wasn't in the boys department and 2. existed, plain and simple. 

She had specific instructions on how she wanted her hair done. A "messy bun", she says. Buns, I can do. Messy, I can do with both hands behind my back. But the perfect messy bun is anything but easy. It took probably 30 minutes and 300 bobby pins to make it "messy" enough. Had there been medal detectors at the front doors, she woulda had the swat team running. 

But she looked absolutely beautiful, and she was so proud, and she played well. 

Our little violinist.
Love her.

In attendance: Grandad & Grandar and Sharon (from Kenya!)

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