Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The making of the Christmas Photo...

This family. 
I love them so.

Sunday was family photo day, because, you know, I need my cards done by the first, and there's nothing like waiting until the 30th to get the photo taken...

And this is how the family photos go...
Outtakes, please!

1. The KING of the remote!! TV, DVD, racing car, camera. It doesn't matter. He will rule you all. 
2. Daddy didn't make it to the photo and my belt grabbed my shirt, resulting in some kinda hideous muffin top accentuation going on. Gettin' real here, people.
3. 90's hair, don't care (about the rest of the peoples not in the shot?) Hello, tightening the tripod screw much?
4. I don't even know, but that was most likely the most real deal photo of us. Ever. 

But, coming soon to your mailbox, (as in, as soon as I get my butt out to get stamps), I present the 2014 Christmas Card photo!!

Now sing some gaga, please...I live for the applause, applause, applause...


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