Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Say "Uncle", A territorial Christmas, and a turtle on the loose! // The weekend in review.

Saturday was cold. 
Now, if you live on the east coast, you're probably all "Ummm...we just got buried under 298708 feet of snow, sooo", but in Heidi degrees, lemmie tell you, it was cold. And windy. Oklahoma windy.
But we had a race to run, so out we went, hoping that the warmth of running would obliterate the need for parkas and ski masks. 

Em & Uncle K did great. She led the pack and he paced her perfectly.

Meanwhile, my IT bands and I hobbled around getting excited about the halfway point porta potty. 
Because, you know.
Slow runners. We appreciate the beauty in nature...and not.

Then it was off to some post race face stuffing at Jimmy's Egg. 
Ovaltine would have been ideal, considering the race we had just run, and had we brought the ovaltine mix we had gotten in our race packs, we coulda made it happen (minus the Little Orphan Annie Decoding Ring), but we settled on two hot cocoas and a coffee. 
(Plus about 50 pounds of food)

That evening was hubby + heidi date night! The einsteins stayed with the uncle and the grands and mister Castro and I headed to Guthrie, Oklahoma for their territorial Christmas. The grands had taken the kids last weekend, and it sounded so fun! So off we went!

The whole downtown was lit up and twinkling like the sky at night. There were people walking around, eyes wide and mouths smiling between red cheeks. 

Most of the little shops were open late and had territorial era entertainment in the storefronts. 
This lady was drawing with chalk in one of the many, many antique stores that lined the streets.

How adorable are these two??

I drug John in and out of just about every antique store there was. 
And there are a LOT. Seriously. If you like antiquing (Is that a word??), come to Guthrie.

My beloved vintage thermoses...

Oklahoma's first Capital Building. (Our capital was originally here, then later moved to Oklahoma City)

Loved this sweet Mary. 

Whatever these scouts were cooking smelled SO good, unfortunately, we were still stuffed full of Jimmy's Egg, even hours later, so we had to pass, but John-the-engineer was more than interested in the pots that they were using to cook - with the charcoal on the top, not underneath. 

Our ussie. 
You know you were expecting it.

On the way back to the car, I saw this building, and it was probably one of my favorites. 
I've had more blessings made in Oklahoma than I could ever count. 

'tis the season, yes?

So, back at Castro basecamp, I have completed my annual Christmas Lego land, complete with a city zoo that features the giant tortoise, Buckbeak. 
The good news: She's feeling much better after weeks of syringe-feeding her veggies, so much that her eyes are no longer swollen shut! She can see!!
The bad news: With her new (again) sight, she's ready to run! Like a toddler that just learned to walk, she basically paints half her little face blue and screams "FREEEEEEDOMMMMM!" and climbs right over the Lego fencing and into downtown Bricktown!

This was taken by one of the workers inside the Eastside Pizzaria as she trampled his delivery motorcycle and ran by.

She ran so fast, she had made it up to the mountain town of Bricksmeade in no time! She snatched this big box of cookies from the Bricksmeade Bakery...

And headed straight to...

"and I want more worms instead of pureed veggies from a medicine dropper, and a heat rock, and...."

Silly turtle.

Have a great week!
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