Saturday, December 6, 2014

Parade of Lights

Last year's parade of lights was cancelled. It was below freezing, ice covered everything, and people were shut insde their warm houses for the long haul. So this year, I think we were ALL excited for the night that Santa would make his parade return downtown, even if it was sprinkly a bit outside. 

We went early to get the *best* spot, and wandered up the street to the downtown lighting ceremony, where the big man in red was waiting for his little camo elf to arrive. 

At the plaza, we ran into some friends of ours. Wifey had fought the crowd at the nearby Goodwill to grab a jacket and Dad + Daughter ended up running into us. 

The local Kicker plant had set up a light/music show at the plaza. The kiddos were mesmerized at the bright lights. I have t admit, the foggy air really made the lights look amazing. Like glowing dandelions!  

Eventually we wandered back to the van to await Grandad + Grandar (and save their parking spot!) before the parade started. We still have these old street lights that make everything orangey. A camera's worst fear, but kinda romantic, in a way?

The grands arrived and brought new Christmas shirts and tickles galore!

Evan's excitement at the police escort beginning the parade off. 

Guess who??

All is calm, all is bright. 
(until they ate the 20 pounds of candy they got!)
Happy Weekend!

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