Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If books could talk...

A friend of mine took me to a garage sale the other morning to look at Christmas decor. Christmas stuff? I still have five more totes that hubby dragged down from the attic that aren't even making it OUT this year. I wasn't planning on buying a darn thing. 

But, as she oohed and awwed over Old World Christmas ornaments from the past and tinsel covered mini trees, I found a book.

It was my favorite cookbook's great, great, great grandmother. 
And it was like finding a soulmate.

I carefully opened it up and light poured out like a sunbeam while angels sang! Well, not really but, whatever.

There were recipes scribbled in the calligraphy of the past, old newspaper clippings for stuffing or pies. 
It. was. amazing.

When I saw the price tag, I asked the little old lady if she was sure she wanted to sell it. Was she sure she didn't want to keep Granma Louise's pickle recipe, scribbled out on a yellowed piece of stationary??

She told me she had debated on it. She wasn't sure. But, she didn't cook at all anymore, and maybe someone would like them.

And i told her, I loved them. 
And Granma Louise's pickle recipes will live on and she was happy. 

And I paid her the whopping


for this book of awestruck wonder, and walked away clutching it to my chest like Charlie and his golden ticket. 

This cookbook was the 2nd edition published. It has inserts on how to make your money stretch during the depression and what to cook your soldier during WWII. How to set your table for which meal or tea party. This book, with all its yellowed pages and 1940 newspaper clippings had seen our country in a state that not many of us can remember anymore. How many kitchens did it live in? With pink linoleum tables and green sinks?? How many lace edged aprons were worn, while cooking in heels all day for the hardworking man to come home??

HISTORY, peoples!!

Now, to Julie & Julia my way through it or not....
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