Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hello, December.

Well, we're here. The Thanksgiving leftovers have been through the ringer, and the finally face stuffing before hitting the the big trash disposal in the sky, and the scarecrows have long returned to their attic home. December has come, and with it trailed along neverending strings of tangled lights, evergreen needles EVERYWHERE, John Denver cooing us with his Aspenglow and stockings hung by the fireplace. 
The weather marched in as well, all holiday-ready with its below-freezing fun (can you hear that sarcasm? Because it was there. For sure. I don't like my face hurting just because I ventured outside!!)
So, the last growth update for 2014...

The first week of December is so busy. So, so, busy. I think the events committees like to get everything buzzing early in the month to avoid double-booking the parades and plays with the company boozefests and ugly sweater parties that quickly fill the weekends. 

Tuesday was event #1 for us. The OSU campus lighting ceremony. We had gone last year, and it was great fun. They had a hot cocoa bar and carolers and rudolph and red noses and cheeks. 
So, this year we were ready! But when we arrived, we found out that there were several more school groups caroling, which meant several several SEVERAL more parents and family members with cameras and not enough cocoa and cookies and nowhere to stand to see it all unfold, so the girls squirmed their way into the crowd to see some friends sing, and the boys and I stayed behind. Evan and his friend decided it was more fun to roll down the small hills.

I seriously don't understand, either. Witness protection?
 The obligatory ussie. Hubby had to do this one. I just can't get far enough away with my t-rex arms on this lens. :(

When the lights finally flipped on, the orange glow overtook the library and the gardens surrounding it. Not quite the leg lamp, but beautiful nonetheless. 

With us behind the crowd, it worked out well when Santa was spotted back at the Student Union. The boys ran over to be one of the first in line. 

Elf. She was seriously standing. Upright.
 They took a picture with Santa on his sleigh, but I wasn't allowed to because, well, they'd rather me fork over the big bucks for orange-suited Santa, and knowing me, I probably will. Sigh. 
But, Mrs. Claus was happy to oblige. 

These trees lit up to the music playing. 

My crazy candy cane girls. 

Did I ever tell you that Evan told me he was in love with someone? It was so strange to hear that come out of your own son's mouth, especially when that son is a ripe ol' age SIX. But he did. It went a little like this:

E: "Mommy, I'm in love with someone."
M: "You are?!? Oh, who?!?"
E: "It's Elsa. When she wears that one dress..."
M: "Oh, I bet so! I love her in that dress, too!"
E: "Me, too."

And that was it. His very first love. 
And lo and behold....

Merry December, everyone! 
Let the events begin!!
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