Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gingerbread at the Grands' Cabin!

Grandar + Grandad requested the presence of their grandkids at the cabin yesterday for gingerbread decorating and manicotti for dinner. Gingerbread? Candy? Frosting? 
Yes, plz.

The three oldest grandkids had gingerbread houses (and a train!) ready and waiting to be candy coated!

The frosting was a little tricky at first, but we warmed it up, and it worked a lot easier. 

Elizabeth was SO meticulous with her decorating, it was amazing. In fact, John + I returned back after a couple hours, and she had just been told it was time to stop, or she would have kept going! Girlfriend loves her crafts!

In true Emma fashion, hers was colorful and patterned. 

Evan got a train instead of a house. He liked using the red vines the best. One for the train, one for the mouth. One for the train, one for the mouth....

Em's finished house:

Evan's minimalist train:

Thank you for gingerbread partying with us, Grands!
We love you!

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