Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All Aboard the Polar Express!

We normally go to the Christmas Train each year, but when we found the chance to switch it up a bit and ride the Polar Express, we were in. The Christmas Train was upping their prices by almost double anyway. It would be a fun change for the year. 
It would seem like we've been on a small downtowns of Oklahoma tour recently, with all the little places we've been going. Which, is honestly totally amazing. The way these historical buildings are decorated, it's simply romantic. There's just something about the old, yellowed lights when everyone else has LED. The window panes painted with pictures of holly and snow drifts. 
For this trip, we ended up in Bristow, Oklahoma.

The train station was hustling & bustling with people coming and going. Half of them were clutching Polar Express cocoa mugs and cookies, the other half waving golden tickets in the air, waiting in excitement to board the train to the North Pole.

Mrs. Claus was wandering the depot, too. :)

It was misting and cold as we shuffled along like cattle to our train car. The kids were so excited to be aboard!

The inside of the train was cherry and bright. They had decorated it well. UNfortunately, our family was split in to three seats in one row, and one in a different row. FORtunately, we were all small enough that we squished and squeezed all four of us into the 3 seats so we could be together. 

Just like the movie, the chefs came singing and dancing with the conductor and serving hot cocoa and cookies. LOVEd it!
Afterwards, they read us the Polar Express book while we sipped our cocoa and came around to punch our tickets.

Ticket punching!

The one complaint I have about the Polar Express ride was the fact that only ONE side of the train (and it wasn't ours) could actually see the "North Pole" when we got there. We got a couple glimpses of elves and rooftops, but that was about it. 

Luckily, Santa came aboard and visited with us. He gave each child a silver bell off his sleigh. Later on, the hobo came to chat (and he had the most straight, white, pretty teeth of any hobo in the country! Ha!)

As the train pulled back into the station, we slowly maneuvered our way back into the misting cold for a long ride home from the North Pole. 

Thank you, Polar Express!

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