Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 Route 66 Marathon

So, the week before the marathon, we get all kinds of email blasts from "don't forget to bring your ID to pickup" blasts, to "It's not gonna be -20degrees this year!" blasts. They come at you before every big race like a girl scout during cookie season. Well, one day John told me to look at the email for the day - an email blast about cheer zones. And lo and behold, the cutest little racing cheerer there ever was graced my email like no other. 
(and praise the skies my phone was above 20%!)

We got to Tulsa Friday evening and made it to packet pickup successfully. 

Well, of course...
 We talked to the Cowtown Marathon peoples, like we always do. The kids like to see the medals for the next year, and this time they're gonna be raaaiiiinnnnbow!!!, so, yeah. Hubby was off looking at gu packs or something so the kids and I wandered over. 
The guy running the booth starts telling us about the race, and we tell him that we're signed up and ready and we'll see him soon! We told him we had gone last year and really had fun. When we told him our names, he asked me "Wait, is your husband John?" and I'm all "Uhhhh, yes?" and excitedly, he tells me "I have a picture of him on my phone!!", and I'm super trying to not look like I'm saying "Okaaaay, stalker" in my head (which I totally was), and managed to get out a "Oh really? Cool...." as he proceeds to show me my husband's photo. From last year. Like a YEAR ago. My husband. Mine. Not his. But, okay....
And FIIIIIIINally John comes and I'm all "Heeeeyyyy, so this guy has a picture of you on his phone! Isn't that so cooool?!? *eye twitch*" and he's all "really?! Thats awesome!" and the guy shows him the picture and about that time, we notice the picture is also on the big booth banner behind us! 
So, like any good wife, I forced my booth babe to take a picture with his flatrunner self. 

So we headed back to the hotel and bedded down for the night, because tomorrow was the fun run and it was going to be early. 
Like, THIS early.

When we first arrived at ground zero, it was pretty nice out. The trees were all a-glow with lights, and we had gotten there early to cheer the 5k runners on. It was a little strange not be running it this year, but we had a blast cheering the finishers in. 

That picture up there? That's pretty much all you're gonna get from the Saturday races. Because towards the end of the 5k run, it started sprinkling. And then it started sprinkling harder. And by the time we lined up for the miler, it was straight up raining. Not torrential, but enough that you don't dare pull your naked iphone out of it's running pouch lest it die in a bag of rice. It was so cold after we finished, that we barely made it to the car, shivering and hoarding our post-race swag in the heat blankets like hobos. 

So, the winning aftershot:

Probably couldn't tell we were freezing & drenched if it weren't for Evan's hair!
 The hotel room was cranked up to like a bazillion degrees so that we could dry our stuffs. 

That evening, we warmed up in the hot tub with a hubby-of-another-runner and went to bed early, watching disney something-or-another. 

The next morning, we wandered to the marathon starting spot. I love big cities in the darkish, but not dark. That was probably my favorite part of Chicago, the foggy early mornings. 
(That was random. Miss you, B!)

There was this beautiful, glowing rainbow of lights when we arrived at porta potty row. It beckoned my name like a sea siren to a pirate. For reals, though.
And if you are Evan, it was just a giant portal, and you were Skylander #1 and your sister is Skylander player #2. 

Starting line. Taken right before a guy asked to take our picture, then told the kids and I to basically get the F outta the picture, he only wanted John. (What's up with these obsessed John fans?!? I mean, seriously...)

That's the culprit. Right there to the right in back. 
All the Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics had their own ground zero at this particular race (Hubby is a member of both - a "double agent", as they say). They have their own gold-coated porta potties and Beyonce's body guards making sure no civilian runners got in. 
(or something like that)

Evan saw this church in the distance. He was pretty positive it was a castle. I was pretty sure I wished it was. 

Dave Mari was at the race in his tell-tale Paul Frank shirt. (He wears a different one to each race, themed appropriately), so I forced hubbs to pose for a pic. 

Then, as my sister would say, I got totally engrossed in being a "typical white girl" when i saw how pretty the leaves were that I was standing on. You need to leave a comment on this post about how wonderful this photo is, because I have to convince my husband that it was justified for the epic fail I was about to make....

The Maniacs & Fanatics were taking their pre-race photo, and on my way there, got lost in "typical white girl" behavior. By the time I got out of dreamland, they were done and starting to leave!!

"WAAAAIIIITTTTT!!!!" I scream. But no one hears me.

But my darling hubby smiles and waits until I put the camera (and my head) down. 

Oh, hey, wait, can all 300 of you please go back so I can take....wait....hello?...I mean....
I know.
Worst. Wife. Ever. 

But I totally made up for it with starting line pics?
Notice how the side he (and many others) started on hadn't started the time yet? It caused a bit of alarm when these folks got their chip time and it was 5 minutes slower than they thought! 

So then started the mass craziness that is the marathon cheer squad.
You drive around comparing the race route with the GPS. You go the wrong way on one ways, the right way on closed roads, U-turns in the middle, cursing and screaming, then apologizing to the kids with saucer eyes and jaws agape, to finally run down a block to catch a two second glimpse of your runner, only to see he had just passed, and start all over again, but aiming further to make *sure* you catch him the next time. Now repeat for 4 hours. 

Always happy to see us. Makes it worth all the trouble. 

Think it's annoying when people stop in the middle of the aisle at the store and block traffic? Try squatting down in the middle of a marathon...
(there was supposed to be an arrow with a big "WTF" by it pointing at that guy)

Evan ran with him down the optional extra .3 mile detour by the "Center of the Universe"
(Smile! She thinks I'm a race photographer)

At the finish line, he got a high five from Runner's World Magazine's Bart Yasso (that made John's day!)

Minus 5 minutes, he did AWESOME!

I love you, Captain Awesome!

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