Sunday, November 16, 2014

Veteran's Day 2014

As usual, my brother's Veteran's Day is not the relaxing day off that it was meant to be. He spends the day getting up earlier than usual so that he can make the hour long drive up to the kids' school to be there for their Veteran's Day assemblies. And this year, with Emma being at the Middle School, he was booked ALL morning. 

The school's flag, with the names of Evan's uncles. :)
 You know what's cooler than being on stage as a veteran?
Being that veteran's nephew.

The annual speech about what branch of the military he's in, how long he's been there, who his nephew is, and that he's an alumni of this very elementary school. 
(the entire student body's favorite part every year)

Standing for the Air Force theme song with the rest of the AF guys. 

The proud nephew and his handsome uncle K. 

Then it was off to the middle school!
Immediately, a teacher approached and thanked him for his service, and then stopped, looked a bit puzzled, and said "Kurt!" It was one of his teachers from almost 25 years ago! (They always remember the ever-so-smart Kurt. Always.) She asked him a million questions about where he had been and what schools he attended and where he's out now, and the smile on her face was beaming with absolute pride and happiness for this little boy that had come so very very far from this very school and her small classroom. It was amazing.

The assembly started soon after and the guest speaker veteran made a very informative (and long) speech, so they didn't have time for the veterans in attendance to introduce their family members, but here he is, standing for the AF theme song, once again. 

The proud niece. 

The students here all shook his hand and thanked him as they scuffled back to their classes. 

It was then off to Chili's for lunch and a visit to the baby brother's store to look at legos and then back home for a dinner & movie that evening, followed by a late, cold, hour-long drive back to base that night. 

Thank you to all our veterans, who give us the freedom that we take for granted so often.
Thank you for being brave when we aren't.
Thank you for sacrificing your lives, your families, your everything for us.
Thank you.

And a special thank you to Uncles J, K, & L, just because, well, they're ours :)

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