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The Closing of October & all that Halloween Fun!

This one's a doozy. If you're short on time, you might just wanna come back later. It's a photo-full journey, this end - of- the - month jamfest. It came and went so fast!

//Matt Maher & Tenth Avenue North Concert

When Emma & I found out that Tenth Ave was coming through with their Cathedrals Tour, we just HAD to see them. They're one of our very favorite bands, and the fact that Matt Maher was with them? Superb. (You probably don't know his name, but HOLY CRAP, I guarantee you probably know at least 12 of his songs, if you listen to christian music). 

This was going to be Emma's first concert, and I wanted it to be special. I bought two tickets, no more. We were going together, just her and I, and it was going to be a night to remember. 
As the songs played, and the lights glowed in colorful waves, this little girl beside me, at the last hours of the day, stood the whole time, arms raised in worship, belting out the words of praise and love that had me in tears of pride, happiness, and grace. 

I knew he saw her. She was the only one in our entire proximity that was standing, singing, arms lifted and voice above all the rest. I saw him spot her a few times, and I thought "I bet that just makes it all worth it for him. To leave your family to be on the road for weeks and live in a bus. But to see even one little girl, standing tall at almost midnight, belting out your words of praise, it must make it all worth it."
And the very next song, he came right up to her. He made his way up stairs and steps, and across rows, balancing on seat backs, and came to sing with her. It was just a brief moment, but it was beautiful. And I knew it had made it worth it for her, too. 

//Dobby is a free elf

The master gave Dobby clothes!! Dobby is a free elf!!
(as he hoards his sock)


Emma has started attending her very first small group. The first day, her daddy, brother, and I presented her with a new "grown up" bible and notebook for this new journey. I'm excited that she will get the chance to explore all of this with friends and leaders that put so much into their lives. 
They meet every week, and this year, they'll be going through the bible chronologically. 
Her small group leader is a fantastic young woman that goes far beyond her call of duty to serve these girls. I'm so excited for them all!

//Pug on an Ugg.

That's about it.


Evan's team placed 4th (I think?) in their last tournament of the year. He placed first in cutest player in life ever, and second in biggest cheering section. :)

//2014 Castro Zombie Run

This year, in lieu of having a Halloween party, we decided to have a zombie run instead. A couple weekends before, we mowed a running path through the tall grasses in the common area of our wooded neighborhood. They each invited a few friends, and the first annual Castro Zombie Run was under way.
This is what boys do in the backyard - two wrestlers and a referee.

and this what girls do in the front yard - dance party!

A little before dark, we sent the little ones into the maze. 

We weren't dressed as zombies for them. We just jumped out from trees and tall grass and grabbed at their flags. They made it about 3 laps before it got too dark and we sent the big kids. 

This time, the masks were on, and the strobe lights and fog machine were in high gear. 
The shrieks of 5 little girls filled the night, and by the end, I think only 3 were still "alive" (had at least one flag on their belt). 

I had made special medals for the 2 first place survivors. I was hoping one of the einsteins would have one, just because HOW COOL ARE THEY?!?!, but neither one won :(

We had such a great time, and we have such fun parents that came out to zombify the race with us. Blessed for sure!

//OSU Homecoming!

Our very favorite part of homecoming is the Sea of Orange Parade. We never miss. 
And this year, instead of being like 20 degrees, it was WARM! I didn't have to pack hot cocoa and mittens and extra blankets! (and all the people said amen!)

OSU band.

Bullet, Pistol Pete's horse.
 The Pistol Pete alumni float - not including the one that married that Duggar girl not too long ago. 

I kinda want a version of this for our wall. Maybe for all the family road trips we go on, or which states we race in, or whatever. Hook me UP, Courtney! ;)

Evan's friend, Caden sat with us. They LOVED the firetrucks, almost as much as the baton twirling girl...

This dog can say "O- S- U". It's pretty fantabulous. 

Bubble catching
Byyyyyeeee, baton twirling girls!

Love him.

Annnnndddd... the family ussie. 

//Fall is...

//Halloween Week: Downtown Festival

Lunch : Day 1
 Daddy didn't get off work until right before we had to leave, so he couldn't dress up that night :(
But the rest of us...

We were supposed to make our costume faces. I suppose a unicorn makes a semi duck lip smile? ida know...

Ems and her two besties. 

Skeleton scores!!
(proud unicorn momma)
 Evan entered a donut eating contest.

Just look at that form!

 He came in second!

Meanwhile, momma unicorn took a medal for being so awesome! 

Lunch: Day 2
 And lemmie tell you, being a working mom that has to be AT work by 7:30 makes it a LOT harder to make cute lunches! (Especially when you roll out of bed around 6:30!) #NotAMorningPerson

Lunch: Day 3

Lunch: Day 4

Goodie bags for the ghouls at Em's lunch table
 // The Family Portrait : Trick-or-Treat Night

Does this not make your heart fill and burst of overflowing adorableness?
This very piece of art inspired a big project that's currently going on in the Casa de Castro right now, but you'll see that later on.

The sad ending? It fell in the sink while water was running, and this momma cried her broken heart out for longer than she shoulda. :(

//School Party

Tiger pumpkin

Handsome man, Fake smile.
 //The work party

The annual Halloween party at Hubby's work! I didn't get many pictures, mostly because I was failing miserably with no excuse. 

Musical chairs with Betty. 
I LOVE her. Anyone that has this much fun without caring is an A++ in my book! (AND wearing a red wig, nonetheless!)

The fam.

We were Clark Kent & Lois Lane.
I don't know what's going on with my expression here.

//All Hallow's Eve!

Emma had a few friends join us, and as you can see, Evan was running ahead, grabbing candy before the slow pokes could even get close. he thought it was HILARIOUS. 
It was FUH-REEEEZING that night, too. 

//Grandad & Grandar's Annual Halloween Party!

On the menu: 

Boo-nanas & Baby pumpkins (jenna's Fav)

Brain jello (tasted like tapioca!! LOVED it!)

Skeleton Jello - Evan & Jenna promptly ate the eyes out)

Mummy dogs!

Witch poop, Pumpkin poop, Monster scabs, & Ghost poop. They cater to our poop giggles, what can I say?

Witch's brew - with eyeballs!
 The kids chose their one lucky friend to bring. This year Em picked Abby & Evan picked Jenna. Among other games, the mummy wrap race was the most entertaining.

Em & Jenna

Abby & Ev

Every year, the driveway gets lined with tombstones of the unlucky ones that  never made it out of the haunted cabin. 

Abby, Sharon, & Jenna

Elizabeth, Ev, & the invisible Kurt 

Em & Erich, with Simon's stone from last year. 
Oh, October, you were such fun! Your whirlwind stay was short and sweet (very sweet), and I cannot wait to see you again next year!

Hoping you all had a hauntingly wonderful month! 

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