Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snow on Sunday

Just a few days ago it was like...

But this morning, we awoke to all the woodland creatures scurrying about, busy busy busy, gathering whatever they could, long after they normally were already done with the morning business. 

This little buck just has one antler! He's so cuuuuuute, though! Isn't he?! I just wanna bring him inside and put a cute collar on him and name him Swanli. 

The squirrels were actually chasing each other away from whatever food they were hunting for. 
It was pretty much a squirrel circus out there! Evan and I sat there at the window for at least a good 15 minutes whatching those silly squirrel and the crows - oh! the many crows!- that were scavenging through all the leaves. 

Buckbeak has been on a force-fed diet the last few days for her hypovitaminosis A sickness. (Eat your veggies, kids!) 
She doesn't like broccoli, and tries to spit it out, but some goes down, and today was the first day that her eyes were looking less swollen. We even saw a peek of iris! She's been more active, too. I think maybe some sweet potato might be the next food to be shoved into the tiny turtle's beak. 
So, hallelujah! My prayers have been heard!

We decided today was going to be a stay home kinda day, with the snow-a-blowin' and all. 
It was just plain gorgeous outside. Little Eli shaking flour all over the floor while baking cookies with God, Emma used to say. 
(How can you not smile when you see snow after hearing THAT?)

We decided it was the perfect day to make snowflakes of our own. 

Emma was an old pro, but this was Evan's first time. 

The look on his face when he unwrapped his snowflakes and realized he had accidently made a heart! You would have cried with joy. 

After the kids had finished, I made a few to join theirs on the windows and doors. 
(Can you spot the Olaf one?!?)
My favorite was the reindeer one. 

What is it about a snowy day that causes the need to make blanket forts? And by need, I mean pretty much I can't breathe until I get this fort built, kinda need. 

They had drug out every blanket and quilt that wasn't tucked into a mattress somewhere and made fort after fort after fort. 

Emma found this quilt at a garage sale the other day for $5. It has some holes, and it was worn. The lady selling it said her uncle's mother had made it. That it was almost a hundred years old probably?
But when we saw this fabric, the orange fabric with the little braided pigtail girl, it wasn't even a question. 

It had just come out of its first wash/dry cycle, and was already being broken in. 

Moments later, it was dragged into the final fort of the morning.

and the snow fell.
and John Denver serenaded us with a rocky mountain christmas.
and the kitty slept.
and all was right in the world, that snowy sunday morning.


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