Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Treasures

It was dance committee Friday. I was supposed to be meeting the girls for updates and brainstorming on the upcoming dance for the school, but I needed to make a pit stop at an estate sale first. 
And they totally liked the idea.
And they were in.
So off we went.
About 20 minutes later, we pull up to a house with no signs, no cars, and two girlfriends looking at me with that ever-so-typical "Heiiiiiiid-eeeeeeeee?!?" look, and I quickly pulled up the newspaper ad before they started in on me. 
Nope. I TOTALLY had the right address.
just maybe the wrong DATE.

So off we went again, to estate sale number two, where the old lady took off with my quilt. It was a beautiful pink and rainbow-colored quilt. It was $30. It was mine. I could finally retire my birthday quilt to my bed and replace it's position in the trunk with this one!
But she grabbed it first. 
So, like any normal stalker, I followed her around waiting for her to put it down - even for a second to look at something else - so I could grab and run. 
Psh. That lady wasn't letting it out of her bony little fingers. I was wishing upon her butt crack itches, wedgies, broken shoes, tripping over a banana peel,  ANYTHING that would cause her to put the quilt down for a second to itch or catch her balance, but my mental powers failed me, and after a final begging, she walked away with my quilt.
And inside, the white light Heidi cried and wiped her tears with her wings, and the red pitchforked Heidi took out her kneecaps in the driveway and pulled the ol' crash & grab. 

I had lost her.

I DID come away with this beauty...

After a quick lunch with the girls, and dance details done, I went down thrift row looking for tiny trees and figurines for snowglobes. I never found them, but some of the things I loved were:

Blue bunny. She looks like she could be the mini version of my lovie, Ogon. And she must be pretty darn cool to be hanging out with Battle Cat, sooooo...

But, she didn't come home with me. 
And neither did the possessed-looking monkey.

(pretty positive that one comes alive at night. Just sayin'...)

And then I found a lotta vintage thermoses. Why did they catch my eye? I have no idea.
Just one of those things, I guess. Maybe my parents had one? 
Either way, I seriously wanted to take them all home with me.

My fav.
This one shared a space with that peculiar tension-related figurine...
The blue one!
And, to top it off, the rainbow called my name.

But, none came home with me. 
I mean, really. Where would they go, Heidi? WHERE??!!

And then there was this vintage flashlight...
No comment.
So, while I passed up all these finds, my big score for the day were these two vintage Empire Blow Molds. They were TWO DOLLARS each! 

Also making the cut:
Carhart coveralls for Evan for $2.50, to feed the chickens on cold early mornings. (If we had chickens)
A big, comfy long sleeved sweatshirt for $4 that looked too perfect-with-leggings-and-coffee to leave there.

Still in search of: 
tiny trees and woodland creatures for snowglobes (preferably deer!)
thick red ribbon
-and always in search of (among other things)-
Any G scaled train parts/tracks

Never in search of:
Killer turkeys
Possessed dolls/monkeys

Seen anything in a thrift store by you?? ;)
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