Sunday, November 16, 2014


Do you love??
I have always wanted one.
And now I do, thanks to that strange person that thought "I'll go ahead and donate that..."
(who DOES that?!)

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Snow on Sunday

Just a few days ago it was like...

But this morning, we awoke to all the woodland creatures scurrying about, busy busy busy, gathering whatever they could, long after they normally were already done with the morning business. 

This little buck just has one antler! He's so cuuuuuute, though! Isn't he?! I just wanna bring him inside and put a cute collar on him and name him Swanli. 

The squirrels were actually chasing each other away from whatever food they were hunting for. 
It was pretty much a squirrel circus out there! Evan and I sat there at the window for at least a good 15 minutes whatching those silly squirrel and the crows - oh! the many crows!- that were scavenging through all the leaves. 

Buckbeak has been on a force-fed diet the last few days for her hypovitaminosis A sickness. (Eat your veggies, kids!) 
She doesn't like broccoli, and tries to spit it out, but some goes down, and today was the first day that her eyes were looking less swollen. We even saw a peek of iris! She's been more active, too. I think maybe some sweet potato might be the next food to be shoved into the tiny turtle's beak. 
So, hallelujah! My prayers have been heard!

We decided today was going to be a stay home kinda day, with the snow-a-blowin' and all. 
It was just plain gorgeous outside. Little Eli shaking flour all over the floor while baking cookies with God, Emma used to say. 
(How can you not smile when you see snow after hearing THAT?)

We decided it was the perfect day to make snowflakes of our own. 

Emma was an old pro, but this was Evan's first time. 

The look on his face when he unwrapped his snowflakes and realized he had accidently made a heart! You would have cried with joy. 

After the kids had finished, I made a few to join theirs on the windows and doors. 
(Can you spot the Olaf one?!?)
My favorite was the reindeer one. 

What is it about a snowy day that causes the need to make blanket forts? And by need, I mean pretty much I can't breathe until I get this fort built, kinda need. 

They had drug out every blanket and quilt that wasn't tucked into a mattress somewhere and made fort after fort after fort. 

Emma found this quilt at a garage sale the other day for $5. It has some holes, and it was worn. The lady selling it said her uncle's mother had made it. That it was almost a hundred years old probably?
But when we saw this fabric, the orange fabric with the little braided pigtail girl, it wasn't even a question. 

It had just come out of its first wash/dry cycle, and was already being broken in. 

Moments later, it was dragged into the final fort of the morning.

and the snow fell.
and John Denver serenaded us with a rocky mountain christmas.
and the kitty slept.
and all was right in the world, that snowy sunday morning.


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Veteran's Day 2014

As usual, my brother's Veteran's Day is not the relaxing day off that it was meant to be. He spends the day getting up earlier than usual so that he can make the hour long drive up to the kids' school to be there for their Veteran's Day assemblies. And this year, with Emma being at the Middle School, he was booked ALL morning. 

The school's flag, with the names of Evan's uncles. :)
 You know what's cooler than being on stage as a veteran?
Being that veteran's nephew.

The annual speech about what branch of the military he's in, how long he's been there, who his nephew is, and that he's an alumni of this very elementary school. 
(the entire student body's favorite part every year)

Standing for the Air Force theme song with the rest of the AF guys. 

The proud nephew and his handsome uncle K. 

Then it was off to the middle school!
Immediately, a teacher approached and thanked him for his service, and then stopped, looked a bit puzzled, and said "Kurt!" It was one of his teachers from almost 25 years ago! (They always remember the ever-so-smart Kurt. Always.) She asked him a million questions about where he had been and what schools he attended and where he's out now, and the smile on her face was beaming with absolute pride and happiness for this little boy that had come so very very far from this very school and her small classroom. It was amazing.

The assembly started soon after and the guest speaker veteran made a very informative (and long) speech, so they didn't have time for the veterans in attendance to introduce their family members, but here he is, standing for the AF theme song, once again. 

The proud niece. 

The students here all shook his hand and thanked him as they scuffled back to their classes. 

It was then off to Chili's for lunch and a visit to the baby brother's store to look at legos and then back home for a dinner & movie that evening, followed by a late, cold, hour-long drive back to base that night. 

Thank you to all our veterans, who give us the freedom that we take for granted so often.
Thank you for being brave when we aren't.
Thank you for sacrificing your lives, your families, your everything for us.
Thank you.

And a special thank you to Uncles J, K, & L, just because, well, they're ours :)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday's Treasures

It was dance committee Friday. I was supposed to be meeting the girls for updates and brainstorming on the upcoming dance for the school, but I needed to make a pit stop at an estate sale first. 
And they totally liked the idea.
And they were in.
So off we went.
About 20 minutes later, we pull up to a house with no signs, no cars, and two girlfriends looking at me with that ever-so-typical "Heiiiiiiid-eeeeeeeee?!?" look, and I quickly pulled up the newspaper ad before they started in on me. 
Nope. I TOTALLY had the right address.
just maybe the wrong DATE.

So off we went again, to estate sale number two, where the old lady took off with my quilt. It was a beautiful pink and rainbow-colored quilt. It was $30. It was mine. I could finally retire my birthday quilt to my bed and replace it's position in the trunk with this one!
But she grabbed it first. 
So, like any normal stalker, I followed her around waiting for her to put it down - even for a second to look at something else - so I could grab and run. 
Psh. That lady wasn't letting it out of her bony little fingers. I was wishing upon her butt crack itches, wedgies, broken shoes, tripping over a banana peel,  ANYTHING that would cause her to put the quilt down for a second to itch or catch her balance, but my mental powers failed me, and after a final begging, she walked away with my quilt.
And inside, the white light Heidi cried and wiped her tears with her wings, and the red pitchforked Heidi took out her kneecaps in the driveway and pulled the ol' crash & grab. 

I had lost her.

I DID come away with this beauty...

After a quick lunch with the girls, and dance details done, I went down thrift row looking for tiny trees and figurines for snowglobes. I never found them, but some of the things I loved were:

Blue bunny. She looks like she could be the mini version of my lovie, Ogon. And she must be pretty darn cool to be hanging out with Battle Cat, sooooo...

But, she didn't come home with me. 
And neither did the possessed-looking monkey.

(pretty positive that one comes alive at night. Just sayin'...)

And then I found a lotta vintage thermoses. Why did they catch my eye? I have no idea.
Just one of those things, I guess. Maybe my parents had one? 
Either way, I seriously wanted to take them all home with me.

My fav.
This one shared a space with that peculiar tension-related figurine...
The blue one!
And, to top it off, the rainbow called my name.

But, none came home with me. 
I mean, really. Where would they go, Heidi? WHERE??!!

And then there was this vintage flashlight...
No comment.
So, while I passed up all these finds, my big score for the day were these two vintage Empire Blow Molds. They were TWO DOLLARS each! 

Also making the cut:
Carhart coveralls for Evan for $2.50, to feed the chickens on cold early mornings. (If we had chickens)
A big, comfy long sleeved sweatshirt for $4 that looked too perfect-with-leggings-and-coffee to leave there.

Still in search of: 
tiny trees and woodland creatures for snowglobes (preferably deer!)
thick red ribbon
-and always in search of (among other things)-
Any G scaled train parts/tracks

Never in search of:
Killer turkeys
Possessed dolls/monkeys

Seen anything in a thrift store by you?? ;)
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From the brilliant mind of Heidi...

...these are the things that crawl into the mind of a momma waiting in the parking spot outside the building, waiting on her little one to finish up her small group meeting and come out..

(Photo via google images)

I wonder sometimes about smells. It's such an overlooked and unappreciated thing. It's like really, unless it's fall with pumpkins, or Christmas with evergreens, smell is purely tied to things like poop or trash or whatever "ass" is, that we all label something nasty smelling.
But, you know, to this very day, I can hop inside an old car and immediately remember being in my dads old VW bug as a child in California. It was white, but the interior was grayish, I think. It had loops for handles above the doors that I loved holding onto. I was too short to reach them sitting in the deep seats, but back then we didn't really wear seatbelts (did it even HAVE any??) and so I would sometimes hang from it like a gymnast in the L.A. Traffic. I remember the upholstery was torn, and the yellow foam of the seats showed through in places. I guess an adult would care, but I sure didn't. I loved that car. The day daddy sold it was probably the first heartbreak I can remember in my life. He hadn't even told me he was selling it. A stranger came and drove my beloved bug away, and although I never got to wish it farewell, she visits me time and time again in the scent of aged leather and the sound of putt putt exhaust.
Did my parents ever notice the smell? Do they think about it? I wonder now if the smell of ancient fries and old happy hour cups will bring the einsteins back to the van of dreams one day. And they'll remember the zillions of road trips and meals-on-the-go and pull-up screens and movies that they enjoyed inside. I wonder what smells are being banked in their little heads for a memory down the road.

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Monday, November 10, 2014


We have successfully climbed up the ladder of 2014 that brings us to the top platform (I like to call it 9 and three-quarters, just because, well...), and that signifies that November is here. And in a few days, when BC Clark begins it's first round of jingle, that means we start the plummet down the fast wooshing slide that lands us - usually hard - onto the cold, January ground. 
This is the time when everything moves fast motion, and you're always behind and you always feel like you're running here and there, and picking up this and that and baking these and cooking those, and a lot of little 2 second prayers go up, thankful for the checklist getting shorter, or begging for a few seconds of solitude and grace as things seem to spiral out of control right before your eyes. 
It's the holiday season, and that, my friends, is a time of blissful chaos. 

In our few days of November, we've had some fun.
Daddy got emails, and Mommy got calls, and they all boiled down to one thing: We want Evan for academy soccer! and the momma was all "ummm, that sounds like we will be driving a lot on weekends", and the daddy was all "Well, he would probably like it, playing real soccer with real rules and real positions....", and the boy was all "Hey! I got drafted!! Just like the pros! They called to draft me!!", and we looked at each other, and knew that, yes, we should probably let him play, and since we joined late, the momma wouldn't have to drive all that much, so it was all good.
And he played that academy soccer like a boss.


And then there are the terrorist turkeys. I told you about them before. And I fear they're plotting even more heinous activity. They come regularly now to sit their giant scary butts on our fence and STAAAAAARRRREEE at me. Even through the safety of the back door, I'm hiding in the shadows. And they watch, and stare. And I can just hear them saying "Come on! Sit on top of their fence!! Let them know that 4 feet of chainlink could never hold us out! We! Are! Sparrrttttaaaa!!!" (and spit flies out)

I mean, basically.


So the cutest artwork that came home one day from kindergarten melted my heart. It was the one of us trick-or-treating. And I really, really wanted to enlarge it and hang it on the wall.
But it would seem that enlarging something to the size I wanted on canvas would be quite the buy, so I decided instead to just have him draw it again...or one like it. Or not like it.
SO, off I went to get some canvases. Three different sizes, two of each (because when you have one, you have to have another), and pulled out the paints and the brushes, and gave a big green light to the einsteins as long as one was a picture of us.

They began drafting their masterpieces with pencil first.
(how professional?)

The painting started soon after.

We haven't hung anything on our walls yet besides a mirror and a painting a friend gave me to take a picture of. It's just not to that point of renovation yet? I don't know.
Blank walls. It's the new black.
But, soon! You'll see the finished collection, and you'll think "why, yes! That was the perfect thing!"
and we'll all sit back and relax, because the empty walls will be not anymore.


Last week after school, November brought us our first illness? maybe?
After school in the pick-up line, I saw him sitting there, very quiet, very still, and i knew that something was a muck. Once all my students had left, we walked back to my room and he asked to lay down on the floor.
(and the mommy alarms blared)

He didn't have a fever, or a tummy ache, or anything really, just tired.
But just to be sure, i kept him home the next day. You just never know when the next flu-that-alomst-took-out-Edward-Cullen may strike again, and let's face it, no matter how many teeny-boppers out there wish it were so, we don't have a vampire to save us all.
So, we stayed home.
and he rested as i unpacked a few boxes from the garage, including a ka-zillion playdoh toys, which meant we had to make playdoh...

and we decided that we needed to put a buuuunnnnch of those in the garage sale box, and then we packed up the wooden trains into a tote because the train table was also going up for sale soon, but that called for one more track build before we put the lid atop it...

So, as you can see, his illness was very serious, indeed.

I hope November has brought you many blessings and fun thus far! Are you making a thankful tree? Counting blessings before dinner? Traditions are all the rage this time of year!!

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