Friday, October 3, 2014


For whatever reason, I seem to not have any camera but the ol' iphone for the last few of Em's cross country meets. I know, mom of the year, right?
Nevertheless, we can breeze through the season through the eye of the i. (See what I did there? I'm pretty awesome...)



Putting the flags on before the zombies (the BEST SMS teachers & staff!) grabbed them!

Still "alive" after the first batch of zombie teachers!

This ambush is what left Em without her last limb :(
 //Edmond Pack Run//

They had to run with the 7th graders this meet. There was no 6th grade category. They were a little nervous, but they did AWESOME!

//Annual Coach's Car Push Challenge//

Every year the teams' favorite cross country meet is this one. Where they push their coach's car around the elementary school parking lot in teams. Sound crazy? Hey, at least he doesn't have a 2-ton truck, I guess?

The team. 
 I know they didn't win this one, but I didn't get to see who did. Em had to hurry back to school for an election (which she won!! Yay, Em!)

//SMS Footrace//

The last meet of the year was a quick run around a nearby lake. The medals ran ten deep, and she was determined to grab one. The grades were all combined, so it was going to tough.

But she did it!
It was a GREAT season, especially for her first time! We couldn't be more proud!
Because of her placement in this race, she qualified for a conference meet with the jr. high team in a couple weeks! Can't wait! 

GREAT job, Ems! We are SO proud of you!

Mom, Dad, & Ev
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