Friday, October 3, 2014

Wake me up when September Ends...

Or just throw all the random iphone pics of the month on the ol' blog and call it good. :)


//A Major Award
Hubby got an award at work for his hard work on a biiiiiggg project they were getting done. I was uber proud, and forced his co-worker to send me a photo. I'm cool like that.
On a side note: He just got another awards banquet for 5 years of service :) He's the bomb. 
 //Date night with the boy
Let us just spend an evening roaming the downtown streets, laughing.

//On the list of books read.
This one is fab. The author collects odd old photos and writes his book around them. Isn't that cool??

//May I Have This Dance?
Em had her first middle school dance. It was a big deal around here with all the giddy girls. A boy wanted to take Emma, but daddy said "NO boy will take you out without asking me. And I don't mean like a direct messenger or a text. I mean, with his own voice." I almost expected him to throw the term "young whippersnappers" in there, but he didn't. ;)
The fear of this generation of kids not having the social skills is real. They text and message and don't talk in person. It's strange. 
But lo and behold, that little boy DID call her daddy, and ask for his permission to ask Em to the dance.
And that old man gave him (in a long about way) permission to ask her.
What a sweet boy. Someone's raising him right! ;)

The trio of gorgeous girls.

Pre-dance dinner
 and let the dance selfies commence!

The hubby & the baby playing football at OSU. My most favorite footballers.

//Books Read
This was a true-ish story that breaks your heart. I have always loved to explore the holocaust, and this one was especially sad. BUT, I loved it. LOVED. IT.

//Let there be treats
Every Sunday we hear the tunes of Granna's Ice Cream Truck coming. And every Sunday they do extra outdoor chores to earn that popscicle. 

//ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Lego Heidi completes her task. She nominates Mayor Kurt, his girlfriend, and Lego Emma!

//Grandparent's Day Lunch 
Grandad & Grandar went to eat lunch with Evan for the annual Grandparent's Day Lunch at school. 
Matching smiles. Adorable. 

//Boooks Read.
The follow-up to Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children. Also great. This one moved quicker and involved the children's peculiar talents a little deeper. 

//Go Pokes!
First game of the year, and it poured rain. :(
Our friend, Doug, is the marching band director and we love seeing him before the games with his band. 

//Part II
Another Sunday, another popscicle.

//Gimmie S'more
A marshmallow roast with the uncles, and a little bit of soccer. 
 //Donuts with Daddy
Hubby attended the annual "Donuts With Dad" breakfast at school with Evan. There was such a big turnout this year that they ran out of donuts-twice!

This is a picture of Evan & his friend, Ashton. Too cute for words.

Celebrating National Ice Cream Cone Day at Sonic!

Buckbeak has already decorated her house for Halloween! Silly turtle.

//Books Read
This is sort of a bit Hunger Games mixed with a bit of Divergent. It was awesome, except the end because it was a cliffhanger to a second book I DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED so now I have to track it down. (And no, I don't read on e-devices, so I CAN'T just download it!)

On the first day of running club at school, Evan ran enough miles to earn a water bottle. He ended up running over a 5k! Wowzers!

Vintage Blowmolds from a neighbor. Aren't they adorable?! Can't wait to get them lit up!

Soccer season is in full swing, and Evan is loving every minute of it!

Because sometimes, kindergarten is really tough.

My annual fall flowers from the hubby. Love him.

The Lego Castro castros visit the costume store to choose costumes for Halloween. I wonder what they'll pick?

Evan & I baked up a recipe for Starbucks pumpkin bread. It. Was. AWESOME.
Want the recipe? Check pinterest. It's everywhere.

Finishing up some worksheets for school. 

While taking a picture of an adorable fluffy white baby chicken, this ugly mug popped his head into the phone camera. LOL! So cute!

//Tag, You're it.
Out tagging monarchs again. 
And watching fish.

Oh, sweet smelly Harley. We love you so much.

//Theme Night!
Emma's theme night at church was "He is the light" (Neon colors), and Evan's was Sports Night.

The yearly fundraiser at school. Dress as your favorite decade or singer. So naturally, we dressed as Batman & Robin.

And, that, my friends, is the end of September and a little bit o' October, via the phone.
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