Friday, October 10, 2014

Of Mustaches & Apples.

Last weekend, we took the kiddos on another "mysterrrriooooo" trip. They were awaken before the sun, and opened their first bag of clothes to wear. 
Emma was guessing we were going running, based on the outfits, but she wasn't sure about anything else. 
Leaving home.
By the time we arrived, Emma had seen the giant mustache finish line, and was giddy at the fact that we were finally going to run the Mustache Dash! (It had been on her bucket list for a loooong time!)
She had been right all along about going for a run, but she never thought it would be this race!
They got to open another bag of clothes to put atop their running clothes, just perfect for the occasion. (Albeit a little small, but adorableness nonetheless)
power up!

Unfortunately, we didn't have my Mario suit, so I just ran alongside (maybe as that little black bomb?)
This photo was from the race's instagram page as the gun went off:

Hubby stayed with Emma, pacing her to beat her current 5k time, and Evan and I ran (and walked) at his little legged pace. In the end, Em came in 4th place in her age division (and beat her time!), and Evan came in 3rd in his age group, earning him an extra bronze mustache medal! Hubby & I were SO proud of our little runners!

The whole 'stached fam :)




Mom the bomb.
Back at the car, gatorades and granola bars later, the einsteins opened their final bag o' clues and changed into them: jeans & boots. 

They both napped a little on the way to part II of the trip, but when we arrived, they were pretty excited!
They saw Spookly!! One of their favorite Halloween stories!
We had driven to Livesay Orchards. Not for pumpkins, or Spookly, (although they had a lot of both!) but for apple picking!
They had emailed me saying that the fujis and granny smiths were ready and waiting, and I wasn't going to miss it this year! This was on my fall list for the kids for EH-VUH, ever since doing it as a child in California. It was one of my very fondest memories, picking apples, watching them being squished and ground in a big barrel to come out apple cider. 

This orchard didn't have all that, but it was local(ish), and it was growing apples, despite the years of drought! It's been really, really hard to find an apple orchard in Oklahoma. And finding one that has apples that haven't been killed by drought, frost, or both has been like going with Indiana on his quest for the holy grail!

The kids & hubby went for the granny smith, while I snapped up some fujis for the lunchboxes. I was pretty sure once the kiddos tasted the both together, fuji would win out. Amazingly enough, it didn't!
Apples off the tree.
You can't even imagine.

It was so pretty out there. We were the only ones apple picking that morning in the orchard. 

Reaching for the perfect one!

Evan found this cute pumpkin sitting by a vine close by. So cute. 

 The *best* photo of the day!

 We ended up with about half a bushel (which is that bucket they gave us) that we hadn't eaten. At $1 per pound, that bushel costs around $20. At first, we cringed at the thought of $20 for a bushel of apples. But, it was well worth every penny. 

It was a perfect fall mysteriooo! and the kids LOVED it. Will we go back? YES. 
AND, if you haven't ever tasted an apple right from the tree, you seriously haven't tasted an apple. Now I'm not sayin' Eve was right to taste that fruit, but if she kept a goin' back for more, I can't blame her! because I'll bet you those forbidden fruits were fujis or granny smiths fresh from the tree! ;)

Happy Fall!

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