Friday, October 3, 2014

Mud University 2.0

We celebrated? our second year at Mud U! We had a new team this year - The Screamin' Mandrakes. 
(and for all you non Potter-heads, a Mandrake is a plant with a strange, monster-looking root. In the Harry Potter series, a Mandrake's scream can cause death!)
We painted team shirts (which turned out AWESOME!) Emma wanted to use paint on white shirts so that the shirts would stain brown, but the paint would stay bright - and she was totally right!


..aaaannnndd they're off!
 We could only see the last two obstacles as spectators (although the Go-Pro captured it all - and it was GREAT!) 


After a quick dip in the lake...

(Stay tuned for the video montage to come!)

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