Thursday, October 23, 2014

It was a Tuesday.

We still have some boxes unpacked from the move. (Yes, I know it's been over a year, but when you jump in both feet renovating, a lot gets put on the back burner!)

I've been going through them, one box a day, filling the donate box, or the trash can, or even the recycle bin, but sometimes we find a gem that we think "HOW did we even LIVE without this for a YEAR?!? " and lo and behold, this box held a jewel so precious to my baby boy, there was a gasp of lost breath, a whispered "ohhhh myyyyy goooooosssshhhhh!" Followed by excited squealing and scrambling to get all the pieces set up just so and running barefoot into the house to fill the pitcher full of (filtered, cold, from-the-door) water to put inside his precious long lost sink.

Unfortunately, the pump stopped working, which meant the faucet didn't "run", but he shrugged his shoulders and said "ah well, I'll just pretend!" And my heart swelled. Nuthin' was bringin' this kid down. Not a broken faucet, not 2 missing plates, and definately not this momma throwing another "treasure" in the donate box. Nope. She was just sitting there, remembering when he chose that toy for his present. Remembering the hot summer days on the cool driveway spent washing dishes over and over and over again. This little man of mine. Oh, he's a dreamy little man. The things heaven is made of.


Later on, I caught the turkey clan venturing on into the land o' Dobby, going after the rabbit food-slash-compost. I knew it wouldn't be long before the guardian of the greens chased them off, and sure enough, as soon as I snapped the photo, Dobby was out there, turkeys a-flyin', tail a-waggin.

They're grossly huge. I don't like them much. But still, I think it's cute how they all just stay together, running rampid across the yard. Pretty sure they must be the gangstas of the wildlife world around here...besides those coyotes, of course. 

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