Sunday, October 19, 2014

{Fall Break 2014} The fifth one said "It's Halloween Fun!"

We're half way through October and already we've had so much Halloween fun!
This weekend we attended a friend's Pumpkin Painting Party, because, well, why would you NOT??
The directions were to bring your own pumpkins and paint to share, so we grabbed the paint box and a bushel of pumpkins and off we went!
(minus a camera, so apologies for the cruddy iphone pics)

Evan's Pumpkin Family

Jack Skellington!
They all made a perfect addition to the porch :)


The next day, we decided to make a couple little crafts from things we had sitting around the house.
First, they painted rocks for Buckbeak's habitat.

Can you spot the orange rock?

Next, they stamped up some fun with some Halloween stamps we found in the Halloween boxes!

Em made a calendar, and Evan made a collage of spooks!

Buckbeak Manor now has a cemetery!

She wasn't impressed, and went for a swim instead. 


Earlier in the day, we had decided to make cookies, but didn't realize that we had to let the dough cool for 2-3 hours. Yikes!
So, we decided to skip a Halloween party that evening and stay home and decorate (and EAT!) cookies instead. 

They LOVED using the rolling pin to roll the cookie dough out and cut the cookies. 

Then, it was time for the decorating!!

My favorite.

(I have no idea why this picture came out blue?)

Emmie's cookies

Ev's cookies
 Then they were baked and cooled, and eaten for DINNER!
Yes, folks, that's right.
We totally ate cookies for dinner.
I blame it on fall break?

Which did I eat first?
You guessed it....

And they were SOOOO good!
Great job, guys! They were spookily yummy for this mummy's tummy!!

I love you, my little monsters!

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