Friday, October 3, 2014

Balloons! & A trip down Route 66

That morning we woke up before the sun. Before the bugs, before the headlights, before the world was awake, we were driving.
There was a sunrise balloon race, and we wanted to be SURE we made it on time. (and it was pretty far away). When we arrived, we could barely see where we were. At some point, we had driven right underneath that big blanket of fog that God had laid down on this town while he was saying goodnight, and it. was. thick.
We groaned and moaned and got snippy at each other because were we in the right place? Where do we sit? Where are the balloons? The benches are wet! The grass is wet! I'm cold!
But as the sun sloooowwwwly arose, the fog began to lift, and it was amazing. A horse racing track that wasn't there before appeared right in front of us. Tractors that we had heard, but couldn't see, finally made their presence.
 ...and all the little webs, so daintily hung with the remaining jewels of the fog, were breathtaking, and miraculous, and SO worth apologizing for the 2 hours of grumpy grumping because we knew that there was JUST no other way that we would have seen these things, these magical moments, that sometimes, we forget to count.

 As soon as most of the fog had burned off, the caravans of balloon-holding vehicles came out and began their show!

 It really was amazing to see how it was done, inflating those giant things!
 Finally, two made their way into the sky!

 Evan's favorite went up next - the jayhawk balloon. 
 ...while my favorite rainbow ones took a little longer. 
 This was Emma's favorite.

 We always take a friend with us, probably just for the sole purpose of taking our picture somewhere cool. Now taking applications! We pay with smiles! ;)
 The Lego Castros came along as well. 
 Cutest photo-bomb EVER:
 Aaaaannnnd our usual "US"ie

There was hardly fog left by the time we left the balloons and headed back towards home. We had a couple stops to make on the way, per usual Castro style...

The World's Largest Totem Pole is a few miles off route 66, but nonetheless, we had to go. Because, well, WORLD'S LARGEST TOTEM POLE!

Back View

Side View
 It wasn't "open" yet that day (meaning we couldn't go inside it or the gift shop), so we just wandered around doing some geocaching and such. 

Front View

 The front revealed that it was sitting on a giant turtle! Evan was sure it was a relative of Buckbeak's. 

Hey! No smoking!

Back towards Route 66, we came across the statue of Andy Payne. Now THIS was a REALLLLLLLY interesting story about a footrace put on in 1928 from Los Angeles to NYC - that's a 3400 mile race! Read about it here. I Promise you'll be impressed. I had NO idea this went on. 
Route 66, I love you and all your wacky ways!

Two running Cherokees. 
 Make that 4...and one that just married in. ;)

A happy weekend trip.
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