Saturday, September 13, 2014


Yesterday fall arrived. He's pretty darn dreamy. But don't leave your windows open at night. He can be pretty cold. I would know. I fall for him every time, his cool whispers flowing through the house like a ballad that whips your hair around your ears and makes you dance, but at night, oh man, that mister fall. He's a cold blooded fool!

We awoke this morning with a day of perfection outside. My plans of apple picking went by the wayside, so I lay there, thinking what to do on this day. This glorious fall day. When we had no plans but breathing in the crisp air.

I cleaned out the gutters and in the process found a gaggle (?) of tree frogs living up there, all happy and green and brownish tan. What a life! To have a family living upstairs! Even if it is just frogs. 
I gathered them up into one of the einsteins critter cages while I swept the pine needles and leaves off the roof. After I was done, I declared It's too WONDERLOUS to be in the house all day!! The Castros are GOING OUT! (Now how many days have started off with that kind of fist bumping the air and yelling? More than I probably make known...)

Daddy was going for a run, so I told the einsteins to dress warmly Get your jeans and long sleeves and jackets and socks on! It's sooooo nice out and cold!!!, and to gather their favorite adventure buddies You can bring ONE friend along, but he needs to fit in your adventure bags! , and we hopped in the car and OFF we went!

We drove until we saw a field of corn, and an airplane flying low and an airplane flying high, and bunches of little sunflowers and dirt roads and geese crossing the path, and then we stopped.

And got out.

And adventure, we did!

Evan + Dobby (of the stuffed variety)

Is that a camera lenscap in your pocket or...

At this point, they started to, once again, pretend to be Satski + May from Totoro, skipping down the path. 
Love it.
Every time.

Our timer-ed ussie. Completely focused (just not on us).
But THAT, my friends, is real.

He picked that one just for me. ♥

The Lego Castros, also on an adventure. :)
 We all attempted to cross this log. 
It's a good darn thing there wasn't really any lava underneath it, because, well...

We left that adventure for a trip into the closest town Starbucks. 
Because when it feels fall, one must.

Pumpkin Loaf Bread

Pumpkin cookie
 Baby einstein opted out of the coffees for an organic applesauce/berry pouch.
Good for you, son. 

Daddy arrived around this point in the game.
We were more than happy to have him.

And after a little more exploring, and adventuring, we packed up and headed home.

The adventures from the morning renewed my energy, and I changed into my comfy sweats and headed out to mow the yard and get ready for this upcoming cold evening at home (and an OSU game on the tube!)

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