Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day + the Fair

It was labor day weekend, and we were all laying around on that Friday night watching TV, or playing games, or getting blood shot eye syndrome from too much Tsum-Tsum playing on our phones. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and with a fist pump in the air, I declared "The Castrosssssssss are goingggggggg to THE FAIR!!!"
and the girl hoorah'd, and the boy said "agaaaaaiiiinnnn??", and after explaining that it was the carnival we were going to this time, he also joined in the excitement. 
The daddy was all flabbergasted, because it was double-points-weekend! on Battlefield and he had *just* gotten comfy! and why are we in a rush?? and give me a whole 5 minutes, please! 
But the husband should be used to the whole 2-second warning thing by now, don't you think? 
Ah, but he's a good sport, and I promised him he would have fun and that I could manage the grocery budget this week and next minus a couple twenties so we could hit up the carnival and life would be good.
and it was. 

We ended up buying tickets enough that the einsteins could each ride 5 rides. 
The consensus for ride #1 was obvious - the one that we watched the whole time we awaited tickets. 

(oh, and before you start wiping your lenses, it's the pics that are blurry, not your glasses or your iphone. Totally me.)

She loves him.
<3 p="">
Best sister EVER.

Isn't there something about a carnival that seems a little bit magical?
I mean, yesterday there was an empty field there with a couple trees, and now?
Well, holy cow!

obligatory ussie!

My favorite thing is the colors.
The colors!!
It's like a rainbow just threw up all over the place! Lights and colors and people and all! 

We decided to save our last two rides for the end, and went in so Ems could see her entries. 

And then, as love would have it, we ran into the grandparents at the tractor pull!

We got to see a lot of animals.
Animals I wanted to squish into my backpack and take home with me.

What is it about cow eyes?
I remember dissecting one in 4th grade.
The kid next to me wanted to keep the lens so bad, that he hid it in his pocket.
I was disgusted, but I was a super shy kid, so I didn't even tattle.
Then, when the goo melted all over in his pocket and he cried, I almost barfed. 

Don't look at me for sympathy, eyeball lens stealer! 

But anyway, cow eyes. 

and rabbit's feet.
So soft, even when covered in poo. 

Clear your throat and say this in your best British accent:
"This place is absolutely dreadful."

Duck, duck, GOOSE!
(found out I really, really want a goose...)

This is Emma's friend's horse. I'm not a horse person, but I think it was pretty cool. Especially her nose collar thing. 

This S&M horse was not pretty cool. It was scary with its blue eyes and mask. 

Outside, the sun had settled in and the lights were shining and I was in total chaos heaven. 
How many things can you deep fry?
Apparently a LOT.
Even snickers. 

Tris? Four? Are you up there??

Evan the little daredevil.

 The fairway is always the best.
The creepy carnies hollaring out at you to play their rigged games, yet they call to you like sirens of the sea beckoning you to come, play, spend, lose, repeat. The colorful lights blinking in patterns and rhythms. The little toys, all lined up like furry wallpaper and good GRACIOUS you want those cheap 25c bears SO BADLY, even if costs you $50 to get them!!

But peanut found $6 on the ground (whuuuuh?!?) and so, the carnies called us in, and that money slipped out of his little fist like butter.
But, it's the CARNIVAL!!

He got a bear the size of a keychain.
He's STILL sleeping with it, three days later.
Well played.

That game got him nothing, but had they given out a prize to the loudest cheering section, he woulda walked out of there with one of those giant strap-it-to-the-top-of-the-car gorillas, fo sho. 

And then it was time for the last ride.

 And it ended where it started.

See you next year, county fair!
We had so much fun getting to know you better this time!
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