Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cottonwood Classic

My baby girl has become old enough now to play a school-organized sport. I know. Slap me back into reality...actually don't. I've probably become to feeble to survive it in my aged state, having a middle schooler and all...
So, anyway, back to cross country. 
She's been practicing every morning before school - a good hour before the school bell rings, she's up and running with the team (and, I might add, in a better mood than the times that MOM or DAD wake her up to run at 7am, but, whatever). 
Her first meet was this past week in Guthrie. I had driven up about an hour early to continue the quest for the quilt at some of the resale shops there in town, but alas, one was closed during business hours (twice!) another wasn't where Siri said it would be, and one was 
So, no quilt. BUT, adorable girls awaiting the race:

Abby, Brooke, + Ems

 This group of girls is fabulous. Most of them are girls we know from school or scouts or soccer, all reunited under a big flourescent XC hug, and it's AWESOME. Love them all! Even the ones I have yet to know.
Daddy + I kept nervously reminding her to "Don't take off fast at the start!" "Save your energy!" "Remember not to let anyone pass you in the chute!" "If you get a cramp, work through it!", and we knew and she knew that she HAD this. And we stopped. 
And wished her fun.

They were ready when the whistle blew. We were all so excited and nervous. Competing against girls from all over the state! There were buses in rows that went on and on. 

The course was only a mile, but it felt like 5!

Run, baby, run!

 She had done it! She had finished her first XC race, and had done it with skill, grace, talent, and joy.

LOL! Love her. 
 On the way back home, she decided to ride the bus back instead of ride with me.
It was good.
I wouldn't have stopped her if she wanted to ride back with me, but I was hoping she wouldn't.
She is part of a team now.
A piece of the pie.
And riding on the hot, stinky, bumpy bus all the way home is part of that whole "team building" thing that fills a tween's heart with something that parents cannot.
And I watched her go.

and daddy + I were so proud.
SO proud.


You continue to amaze us in ways that we never expect. You bring life and happiness + inclusion to the strangest places, to the farthest people, and to this family.
I love seeing you unite the shy and quiet with your loud and rambunctious circle of friends. I love seeing you give 100% when you need to, not when you want to. I love seeing God's work shine all throughout your life. 
You are so special, so wonderful.

We love you, and are so very, very proud of our little runner.
Daddy + Mommy

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