Thursday, August 28, 2014

The County Fair

Fair season has come into full swing around here. You hear the old ladies at the Boomerang Diner chatting themselves up about what quilt/jelly/doilie project they'll be taking up to the fair this weekend, and the "farm kids" getting their animals groomed and sheared and washed up for the big show. 
This year was the first year that the Castros have taken part in all this fair business. I figured we wanted to move back to the midwest, so we'd better embrace it, right?;)

Emma entered two crafts of hers. She's a natural artist, no matter what medium. I had her convinced to enter a photo or two - she has the "eye" - but when she learned that crafts were all a-go, she jumped ship and picked a couple things off her shelves. Her photog momma wept a bit inside, but hey, she's going all independent now, and that's what I've worked all these years for, so GO, grasshopper, GO!

Evan was a little more ambitious. He wanted to "show" an animal. And amongst the ADHD chigi, the deaf/blind pug, the so-obese-someone-may-call-PETA cat, and the baby turtle, he chose the obvious. 
And that's how Buckbeak was chosen to accompany Evan in his maiden voyage into the county fair show ring.

The dapper showman + his turtle.

"Don't be nervous, Buckbeak!"

Final paperwork

Number 4!
 The first round was the parading around the ring, letting the judges see the animals. I have to say, Buckbeak was by far the best at staying close to her owner. She didn't even need a leash!

After that, the judges narrowed it down to the top 5 animals - and Buckbeak + Evan were IN!

A couple of animals were interviewed and given ribbons and the next was our awesome duo! 

Evan got to answer some questions about Buckbeak. She is a "boxer turtle", she's 3 months old, and she'll get a little bigger.

They won 3rd Place!!

(and did you know you win MONEY at the fair?!?! I had no idea...)
(city folks just don't get it)
 Afterwards, we saw the miniature trains...

and checked in on Emma's crafts, which BOTH won ribbons!!!

Doll snack cart - 5th place

We are SOOO proud of little county fair kids! :)
We can't wait until next year!
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  1. Evan and Buckbeak are just about the cutest things I've ever seen. So glad he won a ribbon!


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