Saturday, August 9, 2014

// FUN x 2.

An amusement park was on the checklist for the summer, so when the grandparents invited us to meet them at Frontier City for a day with the cousins, we jumped at it! We hadn't been there in the summer since they opened the water park area, so the kids were anxious to try it out right off the bat. 

After the water park, we spent the rest of the day on the rides. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. 

The two Johns at the Two Johns Saloon
 This was one of the two rides I passed on. 
The GoPro video of the kids on this one was to DIE for. I mean, absolute cheek-hurting-laughing to watch. 

It's always so humbling to go to places like this with little ones. The excitement and fun that they have is unparalleled, and it's contagious and fun. I love my nephews and niece something fierce, and to see them having so much fun with their cousins is absolute bliss. 
The next week, before Niecey flew back home, the kids all cashed in their ChoreMonster points for a trip to White Water Bay. It was a Tuesday, and after the local schools had already headed back to school for the fall, so it wasn't quite as busy as it normally is in the summers when we go, which was nice, because the longest line we waited in was probably 5 minutes. 
//i love them.

 //Ev + Eth

 Last year, Evan was really hesitant to go on ANY of the rides here. At the end of the day, I finally convinced him to go down one, and he loved it. I was crossing my fingers that he'd remember that when we arrived this year. 
He totally did. 
In fact, he went on EVERY ride there was. Even the ones that had no innertubes and spit you out in a big, deep, pool. Without a momma. Without a MOMMA!!

 He told a very, very, nervous Ethan that he would wait for him at the end of the slide and help him swim to the edge of the pool.
And he did.
Isn't he the sweetest?

It was the best yet!
Little man has definitely grown up. 
He's a risk-taker. 
He's got self-confidence and trust.

And I'm so proud of this kid. 
SO proud. 
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