Friday, August 22, 2014

First Day of School - 2014

The einsteins have made it though their first week of school! 
It was a little different this year, with Em moving up into middle school, but it has worked itself out perfectly.

Em was nervous about a new school and a new locker that has a combination to remember and walking up the stairs and down and across the building and back and A lunch or B and what team would she be on and what if, WHAT IF! her bestie wasn't on the same team and they NEVER got to see each other ever again?!? 
But I assured her it would be great. She's always gotten the *VERY* best teachers and they all love her and she makes friends even when she knows no one in the room. The week before school began, she got her team - the same one as bestie. She got her locker and schedule, and everything seemed to be just as she wanted. By the end of the week, she had that locker combo memorized and her schedule permanently affixed in her mind. She was so ready. So prepared. So....big. 

Her school begins 30 minutes after Evan's, so we all made the trek down the hill together. 

We dropped the baby off at his bright new kindergarten classroom. He had gotten in class with his two best friends! This was going to be a great year. 

New cubby!
 We've known Mrs. Sweeden for years. Her daughter grew up with Em. :)

He was excited to sit down and play with his friends, so we headed out to meet up with a couple "big kids" for the walk to middle school (right next door). 

First Day of School Ussie

We walked them to the front of the school and watched them go in, spreading their little wings out and remembering that momma & daddy bird were right there, in case she needed us. 
She didn't.
She didn't even look back.
And that was okay.
It was hard, but it's how it should be. 

Hubby + I walked back to his bike reminiscing all about the first days of school of the past. 

Then it was off to work!

and I walked the rest of the way home disguising the tears under happy heart sunglasses, on this annual day of missing them so much that maybe I SHOULD think about homeschooling... 

It was a sad walk. And, I got hit on by the old man mowing the school grounds to top it off. 
I sank into the recliner at home, letting tears fall. Tears of pride and sadness and happiness and excitement, and I (like I also do every year), thought about my friends who were meeting for breakfast to celebrate the first day of school, and who I (as I do every year), decline their kind offers to join, because I'm an ugly crier, and I tend to not so much "celebrate" this day. And like I do every year, I re-think my declination and, once again, decide my decision was right. 
But, as luck would have it, a friend called in a I-can-totally-tell-you're-crying-even-though-you-say-you-aren't voice and asked if we could go get coffee, and I said YES! because, a boo-hoo breakfast is WAY more up my alley. 
 and we talked about how big our girls were, and how much Evan has grown, and remember whens and what's to comes. 
And I felt better.

And after the long pickup line, I got my baby einstein back, and he said he loved his new class and new teacher and he had a GREAT day! And they even got to play on the BIG KID playground! Whaaaaat?!? Fabulous. 

And so we walked over to wait for Em and talked all about the new friends in his class and the new art class and the red chairs that you sit in to "take a break". 

And when Em came out, she said her day was "PERFECT!", and the smile across my face matched hers, and we walked back up the hill hearing all about how her team is the best, and her teachers are the best, and Mr. F is *just* like Uncle B and her homeroom teacher is funny, and she had plenty of time to go to her locker and her classes, and she saw all her friends, even the ones that we're on her team, and NO HOMEWORK UNTIL FRIDAY! and this was the BEST year of school YET!

and I hid my heart-shaped tears of happiness behind my heart-shaped glasses again, whispering prayers of thanksgiving for answered grace and faith. 

This is going to be a great year. 

Happy New Year, Peanut + Punkin. 
We are SO very proud of you.
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  1. We start tomorrow and I am feeling a good cry coming on. Wish I did not have to work after I drop her off.


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