Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Zoo Interview

The days after it rained for 24 hours straight and temps were still in the 60s & 70s, we scurried along to the zoo to soak up the weather before the humidity + heat realized it was all clear to prevail once more over the land. 

And, because I could tell you all about the fun we had, but it wouldn't be nearly as cool, I've left it up to the zoo crew to narrate the adventure. 
Buckle up, folks!

Ethan: "We were watching for the elephants. They weren't outside yet, but then they came out and they were picking up food and sticks and stuff."

Evan "I was taking a picture with the baby chicks and the momma. There were no real ducks in the pond, just a red-eared slider. He was medium."

Emma: "So, we went to see the tortises and we kept saying 'come on little tortoise! Come on!' because we wanted to take a picture of him and he kept looking at the cameras and he was participating very well!" 

Evan: "We tried to give a high five at the tail. I think it was a seal. He was playing with his friend. They were playing tag."

Niecey: "When we went to the zoo, the sea lions swam by really fast and they kept pressing their flippers against the window like they were giving us a high five."

Emma: "So, we went to go see the flamingoes. They are only pink because they eat a particular type of shrimp, and there was a baby one that wasn't pink yet because it hadn't eaten a lot of shrimp yet. There were some older kid flamingoes that were still grey. The baby one tried to go to walk around, but then the mom sat on him to make him stay and he still struggled to get out. He didn't like being in there. It was so cute."

baby-sitter. lol. 

Heidi: "I tried to use parseltounge to lure this guy out into my animal-hoarding hands, but I guess I'm not quite fluent enough..."

Heidi: "Do you think Kimodo Dragons speak parseltounge?"
Emma: "Yes, he should because he has a long tounge like a snake, and he kinda acts like one..."
Heidi: "Well, I tried to talk to him and he just looked at me."
Emma: "Oh. I know why."
Heidi: "Why?"
Emma: "Because he wants to keep the fact that he can speak secret. That way no one will kidnap him."

 Ethan: We went into the dinosaur exhibit and saw the dinosaurs.
Evan: We saw the stegosauruses first. My favorite was the baby one.
Ethan: Mine too. 

 Evan & Ethan: We were digging up dinosaur fossils.
Heidi: What did you dig up?
Ethan: A stegosaurus.
Evan: A roadrunner. 

Evan: It's not actually a megasaurus. It's a t-rex. It moved it's face at the sidewalk. It was looking sideways and it roared. 

Niecey: When we went up to the water-spraying dinosaur, there were a lot of people so i barely got sprayed. Then, everybody left, and I got really wet. 

Emma: So we went to this little exhibit, and I don't remember the name of the dinosaurs, but they had these cute little baby dinosaurs and they were moving and making cute little noises and they were so small and cute!!!

Evan: I cant remember that dinosaur with the wreckingball tail.
Ethan: He has spikes. He uses them for tearing stuff or poking holes or making a house for him. 

Evan: This is the dinosaur leader that leads all the dinosaurs. 

Evan: I was combing the goats. They smelled so stinky. 

Ethan: Those are the goats. They were kinda hairy. 


So, there you go, folks. 
A trip through the Tulsa Zoo with the einsteins + friends. 

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