Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Baby Grows.

It's no secret I have a hard time dealing with the fact that our littlest einstein is growing up. It just seems Everything he does is the LAST, ya know? The LAST time I'll have an infant or crawler. The LAST time I breastfed, the LAST child at hime all day. The LAST everything! It's like I need to suck every last drop of childhood out of every moment because I'll never get it back. I suppose when you've lost a child, you feel this even more often throughout the day, remembering what it was like to not have tomorrow, but I still felt this way about Emma, regardless, and I'm pretty convinced it will never go away. (This is my laaaaaaast 40 year old child...)
Empty nesting will be rough for me...probably even worse for the hubby. :)

Anyway, this rambling leads us to my baby turning SIX. 
(Has it really been that long??)

The birthday began with the annual trek to ToysRUs.





and, 2014. 

How long can I get him to don the crown and balloon? Who knows. But I hope I can still fit him in the cart when he's twenty...just sayin'...

The morning started out with daddy grabbing some fresh donuts from his favorite donut shop at 6am. We fashioned a "6" out of them for his birthday breakfast.

His favorite lunch came later on - Japanese onigiri that my great grandma used to make for us when we were little. 

His favorite dinner is cheeseburgers, so hubby grilled 'em up and we scarfed them down on Skylanders party plates and napkins, and then came the cake.
I'm not a fancy cake maker. I'm not even a normal cake baker. But he liked blue, and so this was my attempt to make a Skylanders "portal" out of blue cake. 

Among other fabulous things like Legos and dinosaur digs, he got the one thing that he could NOT go without - Skylanders, the game. 
I held out for as long as I could. I'm not a fan of video games. But if you would have seen his face and heard his voice when he spotted Skylanders ON PS3!, you would have caved, too. It was like he had found a $100 bill in the gutter or something. His eyes got all big and his little still-a-bit-baby-fat hands were gripping the sides like a cat on a tree. 
It was adorable, and funny, all at once. And since it was over half off on sale that week, I let those little fingers clasp it right into the cart, touching each word on the box as if it were braile, reading the package like it was life or death. 

So, when he opened it that morning, I knew daddy would set it up with him, and I wouldn't see him again for awhile. And that was going to be okay. 
It was his day. 
The day that we rejoiced for all the world that our son had arrived, alive and well, healthy and happy. 
 So, if he spent it in his Skylanders pajamas playing his Skylanders game, that was just fine with me. 

And actually, in the end, he ended up playing for a little bit and then turning it off for awhile before playing again. 
I got to see him a lot that day :)

Favorite Food: Corn on the Cob
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Show: Peppa Pig
Favorite thing to do at school: Recess
Favorite thing to do at home: Play Skylanders
Favorite Color: Turquoise & Black/Orange/White
When I Grow Up I'm Going to Be: A famous soccer player
Favorite Song: Radioactive
Favorite Book: Froggy Series
3 Words that Describe me: I'm Always happy, I'm smart, and I pay attention
When you were little, you used to: Play with the play cabin and I was the customer and Emma was the worker that talks (the drive thru window) and I picked table #2 so I sat outside and ate. Table #1 was sitting in the car to eat.
Favorite time of year: Winter! Because I like to play in the snow & go sledding
Favorite Snack: Pop Tarts
Best Friends: Scout & Ashton
Places I Want to Go: White Water Bay
What I'm Good At:  Playing soccer in the backyard vs. my dad. 


We love you, peanut. You are the happy ending to our family's story, and it couldn't have been a better person to do it. You are kind, thoughtful, sweet, and happy. You are brilliant and fascinating. I see God in your heart, in your thoughts, and in your actions. You are SUCH a blessing to us all. 
Happy Birthday, little one.

We LOVE you!
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