Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Splish, Splash, Soccer!

We've been busy checking things off our summer bucketlist pretty quickly. It's been a blast! I often think back to the summer that hubby was in and out of chemo labs and hospital rooms and how hard I tried to keep things "normal" for the einsteins. We would check off one or two things and I would feel like it was such a big accomplishment. The nights without sleep came more often than not and the 110 degree summer that year drained what little energy I had left the moment we stepped outside, but we were determined to celebrate summer and togetherness and just living.
And we did. 
One little checkmark at a time. 
It seems so easy now. 

Last week my stepsister welcomed a new baby girl to the world and we got to take the new big sister with us to the splash pad for the morning. Little mini-momma kicked into gear what she does best. 
I love her. 

The best of buddies. 
Once they were done with water, they headed over to the playground, where they set up a "food truck".  

Is it too much to ask that they stay in this imagination-filled world forever and ever? 


That weekend was Evan's soccer tournament. We packed up our shade tents and water bottles and snacks and put on our game faces for the big day!

Ohmygosh. Did I tell you Niecey got here? Our summer visitor arrived right after July 4th and (as usual) she picked up right where they left off last summer when she left. 

Evan did the kickoff and scored a goal with it, plastering a smile on his face for the whole rest of the tourney. 


Emma & her twinsie teammate. 

Post-game celebratory milkshakes!

We are SOOOO proud of you Evan!!
Two kickoff goals and playing hard with your team. 
God is shaping you into such a wonderful team player. 

Love you. 

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