Thursday, July 31, 2014

Random July-ness.

Before July sneaks away from us... a few events captured on the ol' iphone!


Our pugalicious little Harley turned 12 this month. He is wobbly and slow. He is smelly and snores. But we love him with all our hearts. Soon, I think, the time will come that he will be going home for good, and it will be a sad day for us, but until then, we will snuggle our puggy like the squishy ball of furry wrinkles he is!


Buckbeak has her first cabbage!


Now, don't let this chair fool you.

It's the "new" chairs at the OB/GYN office. Looks harmless enough until you're flipped freakin UPSIDE -DOWN and you get exposed to the fact that there is no longer horizontal drilling going on, it's plain vertical. Think hanging upside-down on a playground bar. Oh yes, it's grand. As if it wasn't bad enough before. 
There IS a hilarious string of texts between me a friend during this ordeal, but I should save that for another time....


Allowance cashing-in at the snow cone stand!


Summer workshops at Bass Pro! 
(and a pin earned for each workshop)


Sometimes we weigh all the produce at once. Just because we can.

We were cheering for Germany.

Breakfast of champions - a zillion berry muffins. Yum.


Some Crazy Dayz shopping with Court & the rain.
Unplanned, we wore our matching rain boots from the previous years' Crazy Dayz sale and coordinating rainy running jackets. That's kinda how we roll.

I'm kinda loving the skin smoothing that rain does to iphone cameras...just sayin....

The whole gang at the zoo the other day. The lady that took this cut off t-rex's head, but, whatever. 


The girls "aged out" of VBS this year and Em had been a storytime co-leader for their first VBS in June. During that experience, she decided that she wanted to be a crew leader "next time". 
It turns out, the "next time" would end up being at another church in July! She was an assistant crew leader with a co-teacher of mine, and they had SO much fun!
The director told me that she had several parents that came up to her complimenting Emma & Niecey and their "job well done". This momma was beaming with pride. Em has a heart of gold, and it doubles in size when children are involved. She's in her niche. :)

Ms Diane & Emma and her friends - Sam, Josiah, & Niecey

Evan was recognized in an awards ceremony for his reading this summer. He logged over 20 HOURS of reading! And he's reading ON HIS OWN this year. No help from us!
Can you believe it?! 22 hours of self-reading!
We're SO proud of him!

Some flowers outside the library...


We took the kiddos to build a taco truck at Lowes last weekend. Mostly because the girls have been painting everything in sight, and this would be a good distraction from the dozens of Littlest Pet Shops that have been given new painted coats. 


I want these.


Every campus of LifeChurch decorates for the big At the Movies series each summer. Our local campus chose Cars this year for ours, which couldn't have made Evan any happier.

The last At the Movies sermon at church, Evan wanted a picture in this car. 

and afterwards, we met up with a family from our last life group who moved away last year. :(

We miss you guys!!!!


At the apple store earlier this week, we ran into Hasheem Thabeet, who plays for OKC Thunder. He took a selfie with Ems. Have you EVER been able to get that much of your body into a selfie?!? I guess if you were 7 foot 3, you could do that, too. 


I scheduled the einsteins annual well-checks for the same time this year. It just seems easier to not take her during the school year. This year, it worked out even better because she needed a sports physical for cross country next year anyway. (and three vaccines!! Yikes!!)

Einsteins in their medical gowns. Love it. 

We are always the ones celebrating things like "Sneak-a-zucchini-onto-your-neighbor's-porch" day, and the Halloween "Boo-ing" and Christmas "Secret Santas", but we're never the ones that find things on our own porch, so when we got this on our doorstep yesterday attached to a bag filled with ritz crackers, fruit snacks, and pop-tarts, the kids FLIPPED OUT with excitement! They gobbled it up within minutes and had the MOST fun trying to figure out who it was from.  

So, that's about it, July! 
Had a blast!
See you next summer!

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