Tuesday, July 22, 2014


This weekend, we participated in our first family mud run! It seems like most adult mud runs don't allow kids, and the kid mud runs don't allow adults, so when a friend told us about this one, that we can do all together, we jumped on it!
(even if it meant waking up at 5am and running in the cold mud before it even reached 70 degrees outside!)

:: The before ::
 There were about 6 or 7 obstacles, which just got harder to get through as the mud became slick and smooth. 
Hill #1 - Evan + I tried to stay together
 Em + Niecey went at their own pace...and Niecey apparently made her own trail? 

A couple laps in, we were starting to get muddier...

By the third lap, we were soaking wet and weighed double our starting weight.

Even the tiniest hill climbs were worthy of a happy jump at that point!
 By our last lap, we were EXHAUSTED!
It's a lot of work lugging around shoes covered in inches of mud!!

We totally had to walk for a bit...

The aftermath:

Yes, Niecey gave herself a facial...
 Our medal was a (soon-to-be-muddy) pool towel!

We did it!

For every lap you made around the 1/2 mile track, you earned a ticket. And at the end, tickets were drawn for prizes. 
Evan won! And he chose... 

Who wants an ipod mini when you can have a big green ball?!?
Right? Right?

These started out white...

The handprints from a little boy trying to help push his momma up out of a mud-filled ditch. 


I'm keeping my fingers crossed they'll do this again.
Like EVERY weekend.

(Or my dad could just make one out at his place....hint, hint...)


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  1. So much fun!!! Mud Runs seem to be addicting, don't they?


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