Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How does your garden grow?

The farmers at Castro Farms were getting a little impatient with the crops. They wanted to harvest something ...a n y t h i n g... that they could. 
So, we decided that we would harvest the potato plants and have some little new potatoes for a treat. 

The potato garden.
 The potatoes were left behind when the garden was moved to sunnier ground. So they were alone under the shade of a big oak tree. Poor little potatoes. 

One by one, the kiddos gently pulled the plants up (I was secretly praying for a baby mandrake to come up, but it never did...)

They pulled up lots of cute little new potatoes...

and one pretty good sized one!

We dug up the ground to make sure we didn't leave anyone behind...

But I think we got them all, and ended up with a bowlful of cute little new potatoes!

Then it was off to check the crops they had planted at the community garden earlier this summer. 

 But first, a few pics of the girls in the garden...

There was a single red pepper on the pepper plant ready to be picked.

...and a few yellows...

...even a little eggplant!
Hashtag: adorable!

There are only two chickens left at the gardens now. A worker left a gate unlocked one night and those raccoons are all too clever locksmiths anyhow. 
But the two strogest chickens were happy to see us and were busy gathering bugs from the recent rain. 

and Cowboy Kitty was there! He has fully recovered from a snake bite episode and is back to prowling the grounds for field mice and cute kiddos. 


Now, how to cook those potatoes...

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