Monday, July 21, 2014

Hey! Remember the 4th??

It's me! I'm alive and well, and haven't been wiped off the planet, just engulfed in my 24/7 summer-with-the-einsteins dealie-o. And, I'm SO not apologizing. Nope. 
Worth it. 

But, now, our Independence Day excursions. 
We are creatures of habit, this small family of ours. We have our traditions and they stand STRONG. We don't like to deviate. It doesn't mean we don't, or won't, but we just don't like to. We ring in the new year in pajamas on the couch in our living room, tasting the strangest sodas any one of us had come across that year. Santa will always come to our house on Christmas Eve to leave presents that the einsteins will open fresh from their own beds, and we always watch the fireworks at the local lake with a picnic and bubbles and lawn darts and frisbees and an assortment of glowing necklaces and wands (except that one year we went to Laughlin, NV, but that was fun, so...)

This year, hubby's grandma and grandpa were coming into town (and by "into town", I mean about an hour and a half away), so the plan was to spend the 4th there, because it's not every year that the Californian Castros we left behind come a-callin', ya know. And his Uncle Jesse flew down from Virginia as well, and so.

The day before the grand ol' fireworks, Uncle J and the grands drove down to meet us at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Nana & PaPaw
 Uncle J is the wrestling coach at Liberty University in Virginia, and it was SO amazing to walk through with him. He knew SO many people that were honored in that museum, and we got to hear stories of guys who were his college roommates, and friends that have since passed (and they're making a movie about them!! And Channing Tatum is playing one!!), and back stories about funny things people did or said back in the day when they were just kids. 

Uncle J 

Evan takes first!

Hubby & his nana
 Uncle J found many of his past students on the walls of the honored. 

In the final room, there was a library of archives. And in those archives were the back issues of a magazine called Amateur Wrestling News. And in one of those issues, Uncle J remembered that he had been in one, and always hated that he hadn't saved it. 
And so the search was on, for the missing issue. 

And just when we were about to give up, there it was!

We asked the front desk girls if we could copy it, and they did. 
And I was almost giddy with excitement. 
HOW COOL is that?!?

I told him that he should be so proud. He was officially in the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. 

The next day, we headed up to Bartlesville to meet up with everyone and celebrate our freedom. 
They had a little festival downtown and Evan partook accordingly. 

Before dark, we all headed back to the cars to watch the rockets soar. 

The girl cousins. 

Hubby took these firework pics without a tripod or anything! He ROCKS!

The Castro Crew.
July 4, 2014

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