Monday, June 9, 2014


The einsteins helped plant vegetables in the community garden last weekend! It was beautiful out, and the rains that have seemed to try to make up for the last few years of drought took a break, so we headed out to plant some yummies for the garden. 

Ev jumped right in to help till up some dirt with the shovels. After all, little boys + dirt + tools, right?

a little raking...

and he got to dig a small ditch for the first plant to go in - a tomato vine. 

She told us that the plant had grown so tall already that we needed to plant it in a little ditch and lay it down. Hmm. The things you learn at your kids' activities...

It was about this time that I started starring over at the chicken coop, particularly at a nice fat buff orp, whose chicks I would LOVE to take home with me. Because of this anti-attentive nature, I have no idea what Em was planting when my focus returned.

Afterwards, they made a mound a dirt for pumpkin seeds. PUMPKIN SEEDS!! Hooray!!

and then they covered them all with mulch, which looked like a warm wool blanket. 

We are at the gardens so often that it will be fun to see our veggies grow, and we even get to pick them when they're ready! 
Wish them happy growing!!


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