Thursday, June 5, 2014

The day it rained.

The summer mornings are coming earlier nowadays. A friend and I have been doing morning walks at 6:30 lately, and although when that 6:20 hubby-shaking-me-awake-cuz-she's-waiting-on-the-porch routine gets to the core of my anti-awaking movement, by 7, I'm so glad I went. I've missed just chatting with a friend for no rhyme or reason. No kid-talk, no school questions, no I-gotta-run-I'm-late-getting-(kid)-to-(activity) covos, just a good chat about nothing. I love watching God's flowers open little by little as the sun begins to rise, and I love to hear the birds feeding hungry babies in the nests and good mornings from the neighbors, heading off to work. 
My instagram from this morning's walk

I love to see the world wake up, and I love to hear my phone when it lips and bleeps with each chore the einsteins complete, and know they have arisen as well, waiting on me to head home. And no matter how much I moan and groan, I'm always happy when I get home that I went.
But, that's not really what I meant to say today. 
After all, it rained today.
The thunder was rolling across the sky our last leg of the walk, and twitter had chimed my phone that there was a thunderstorm warning, but it IS, after all, Oklahoma, so.
I got home just as the clouds were moving in, and the einsteins came outside with me to sit on the porch swing and watch the grey slowly blow over the pretty blue sky, just like I used to do with my dad when I was small. 
Soon after, Evan's friend arrived and so did the rain. And being little boys, that was the call for a morning of pirates and sailing, and a storm among the seas!
They abandoned the porch ship and took refuge under the old oak tree, where the raindrops can't penetrate until much later on, and began their attack on the lady pirates back on the porch.

 After Em + I used all ten of our lives (and how is it that THEY never got hit ONCE??), they decided we were too boring and decided to play tag in the rain that Eli was pouring on his little brother. (LOVE that!)
 When the lightning started, it was all pirates ashore, and I had two very wet, very adorable little mateys to herd into the laundry room. 

and that is what happened, on the day it rained. 

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