Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On Turtles & Trenches

Do you recall the turtles we had at our old house, that would come back year after year, to come get their turtle chow and say hello throughout the summer + spring? They were one of the hardest things to leave behind when we moved, those sweet little turtles. 
But yesterday, we had a shy little girl come by at the new house (can you call it that after a year??). Evan named her "lilly", and we rushed in to grab the paint pens to mark something on her shell, which were nowhere to be found, so nail polish was runner-up, and since Speedy already had a heart, and Blue Star had a star, we decided to give her a heart, since we're preeeetttty sure she's a she, but that's tricky, sexing turtles, so I'm not making any promises. 

So, without further ado, the newest animal at the Black Cat Manor...
Lilly the Box Turtle!
Turtle tramp-stamp
 She didn't eat any of our kibbles. I'm not sure if it's because of the brand or not. She was really shy. Maybe next time. 

This picture was hilarious. I had to share. 
We just needed mister pug outside as well, but he was snoring away in the air conditioning. 

"Where am I...and why are there so many hairy beasts around here?!?"
The stare-down.  
"That's MY kibbles you got there, short stuff. Leave now and I'll forget this ever happened..."

My friend Courtney hates turtles. 
HATES them.

I'm not sure how we're friends.

She stayed the night in our front garden and left sometime before we awoke this morning. 

Evan's friend, Ethan. He seems as enamored as I am with these little walking shells. 
Happy Trails, Lilly! Hope to see you back again soon!


This morning, after Emma left for VBS, (she's a group leader now that she's graduated 5th grade, so she has to be there early), two little boys started yelling for me to "Come NOW! Come QUICK!". I ran out, preparing myself for the broken leg or chopped off hair, or stranded-boy-at-the-top-of-the-curtains-he-climbed, but instead found them outside on the porch watching the city guys open the hydrant. 
It was flushing-the-hydrant time!! Woo hoo!!
They ran over to see Evan's favorite city guy, only to find two new guys, probably confused as to why this little boy was so excited to see them. 

 Evan, jumping up + down, asked me to pleeeeeeeease get the boats, and I did, as fast as I could, which is not always fast enough when it's hydrant time. 


After about 30 minutes of boating and rubber ducking, I scurried them off to get shoes on for VBS (which, by the way, was NOT the coolest thing I could ever have done, but...)

On the way out, we backed all the way up to the hydrant and thanked the new hydrant flushers and drove through the "waterfall" to VBS. 

And their day was already off to a GREAT start.

We are so blessed. 

Happy Summer!!

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