Monday, June 2, 2014

:: The ol' ball game ::

well, summer has arrived and made his presence well known. we're not getting above 100 yet, but the humidity is about to drown me in the afternoons! we've been keeping busy with summer stuff like building a water blob or swimming, or touring every park in town, but it's always my fav to see the moments like this:
but, lemmie tell you about this weekend. we headed up to tulsa for a driller game with some friends. we love these friends, and they love us, so we get to constantly crash their company events. because, you know, that's the perk of owning your own company, right? ;)
3/4 of us
the einsteins made tees for the event, as usual. 
einstein 1 & einstein 2 
and since our friends include a 5 yr old, we brought another tween for emma. 

my bff.
at one point, the girls were dancin' and a cheerin' so loud, they were up on the jumbotron. 
: as seen here :
the ballpark was really fun for the kids. they have a playground, a splash pad, and an inflatable park. score!

opposing team practicing
we were up in the margaritaville deck, so we had unlimited food, which for me, meant the huge bowl of guacamole was challenging me to a dual. and I was so going to win.
and i totally tried.

the grassy areas across the way were open for families to lay a blanket or chairs down on and watch the game from your own comfy spot.
LOVE that.
If it werent for the food and guac, i'da been over there, rainbow quilt and all!
we ended up winning the game, and the kids got to run the bases afterwards.
ev is in his black swim trunks and black swim shirt. ya know, goin all johnny cash. 

em ran with cheyenne and little sophia 

and on the way home...


and then, in a sad turn of events, my baby brother packed up and moved back out west.
still too soon to talk about it. snif snif. 


sooooooo, this morning baby einstein's tennis lesson was cancelled because of all the water on the courts from last nights storms. (storms!!)
little man was really sad, so we set out after lunch and had our own tennis lesson, because, you know, castro academy offers lessons in just about everything, including pee-wee tennis. so.

sister makes everything look effortless.
she gracefully smacks us with the ball, while kiddo and i, dripping with sweat, put more energy into a serve that goes 2 feet into the net than splitting atoms. we fail.

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