Monday, June 16, 2014

In the Trenches

When we moved into this house, we gained not only a house we love, but neighbors we love, too! Mrs O. is always thinking of the kids and watching out for things around the house when we are away. She brings us veggies from the farmers market and secret-recipe-laden-bread she drives an hour away to buy. Mr. O. is always on the go. He's always helping haul fallen tree branches to the city or doing maintenance on a mower I can't seem to start. This past week, with all the rain, he decided to help us get rid of the pool that forms by the driveway when it rains a lot. 
He came over, shovels in hand, like a knight preparing for battle, and this would definitely count as just that. By the time the einsteins came home from VBS, he had a small river running across the lawn. The boys couldn't wait to go "muddin'" in the water with little trucks. 

Em was just happy to squish her toes in the soft clay-ish soil. 

Mr O watching the pool drain during a much needed water break.
 The kids lugged buckets of mud over to a tree in the front corner of the yard where the fire hydrant draining had eroded the soil away. 

We had to stop for a couple days to let the ground dry out a little before going back to start transitioning the trench to yard level at the sides. 
With all this rain we've been getting, this is going to be a huge help!

We are so very blessed to have neighbors like this! It makes work just a little more fun!

Thank you, Mister O!

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