Thursday, June 5, 2014

Grandar's Garden

"Grandchildren are the flowers in the garden of life"

GranDar has plowed a new spot out at the cabin. It's a garden just for the grandkids!
The einsteins headed out to plant some flowers and veggies in it the other day. 
The weather was absolutely *perfect* that evening. My daddy + I sat on the porch and caught up on life, watching the dirt slowly fill with seeds and the wind blow through the peach trees. 

Afterwards, they wandered over to the vegetable garden and helped GranDar pick all kinds of leafy, lettuce-y veggies.
...and a radish. 
Emma said she felt like May + Satski from her fav movie, My Neighbor Totoro. She's always trying to do activities that make her and Evan "feel" like they are the two sisters in their moving adventure, so this was a special deal to her. 

I suppose this will a great alternative to the 4 small pieces of broccoli we harvest from our own garden every few weeks... Ha!

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