Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Down by the creek

Hiking was on our summer checklist, and I decided that today would be the day! (fist pumping the air). Last night at dinner, the kids got their letter from the Castro Adventure Club containing their checklists and pertinent information. They had to have it all ready by the departure time of 8am, which was pretty stinkin' early for a summer morning, but when you're hiking, well, early is never early enough. That Oklahoma heat will catch you, I promise. 

We left about 5 minutes late because of a turn around and back to the house type deal thanks to leaving my phone and blankie home alone, scared and afraid. But we were on our way soon enough.

The kids were set to compete in a LEGO speed build competition this afternoon in the city, so we headed that way, and stopped at the first hiking trail we passed on the way there. 

After the 7863457 hours of sunblocking and bug spraying and face sunblocking and putting on hats and making sure we had our waters and our lunches and the bandaids and the anti-itch stick, and the kitchen sink, we headed down and up the trail, which is e v e n t u a l l y where we ended up coming upon the creek. 
There was one other person there, a man with his tiny granddaughter, who had her tiny chubby little feet dipping into the cool water as he smiled at her amusement.
It was precious.
I kinda hated to interrupt, but we hike a LOT, and it's pretty rare we come across this kind of potential fun, so I unleashed the einsteins on God's great beauty and stood back and watched. 

He was a little wary of the depth of the creek. She helped softly talk him in, hand in hand. 
I never take for granted the way these two get along. I don't know if it's the age gap, or the gender difference, or just their way, but I can count on one hand the number of times they've not gotten along amazingly well. Super blessed.

Baby einstein liked the waterfalls. He would climb each and every one. All 6 inches of them. 
Mad skills. 

There was a mother duck with 3 ducklings that kept us company while we stopped and ate lunch. 
Watching her lead them over the waterfalls and rushing rocks was SO much fun. 

lunchtime ussie!

On the hike back, the three of us talked all about how great God does making things like hidden creeks and duck families that swim all in a row, and little E wanted to stop and say a quick prayer.
Em + I were a little confused, but we bowed our heads, right there in the middle of the woods and amen-ed to his sweet prayer of thanks and beauty, and asking God the favor of telling daddy "thank you" for working so hard so we can go hiking and eat special lunchables even though he couldn't come with us. 
How does THAT overfloweth your cup? Ya know?
One of those seconds in life you stop and think "we must be doing something right, right?"

Also, turtles, much?
I love them to death, but I would NOT want to fall in THIS part of the creek!

Enjoying your summer?
I certainly hope so.

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  1. Wow, what a great place to hike! Do share the locale. I'd love to check it out. :)

    1. Are you keeping this place secret? If so, I completely understand! It's a gorgeous location. :)

    2. Sorry Joan! I replied on my iPad and apparently it didn't go through! It's at Martin Nature Conservatory in the city!! It's gorgeous!!

  2. Wow what an adventure you all had! I'm so jealous of all the fun and beauty you are encountering! Thank you for posting so many pictures and your stories. You are inspiring me to have adventures with my son as soon as he is big enough!


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