Monday, June 9, 2014

All in a Sunday.

This is a big one, guys.
Grab a cup o' joe and get comfy!

Saturday night, hubby went to bed early. And by early, I mean, before-ten-in-the-summer early. He had decided that maaayyyyyybe he was going to get up early and run the half marathon that was taking place in town Sunday morning. It was the first, so it wasn't very pricey, and after all, what good is it to be able to toss out a marathon on any random day if you can't just wake up and decided "I think I'll run that half today", and do it? 
So, before the sun came up, he was dressed and stretched and ready to go. The storms were back, and they weren't slowing down. The lightning was pretty regular, so I knew I had time to lay in bed for awhile. It was going to be delayed. 
He left to register and I slowly peeled myself out of the bed that feels so lumpy at night but like a cloud in the morning (am I right?? What is UP with that?!?) and got the kids up and fed and made it just as the race started. We waited at mile three for the wet and soggy runnerdad to come by. 

The kiddos loved the pouring rain. A chance to wear rain boots and smack each other with umbrellas?!? You BET!

Around mile 9 we found a nice little road river to play in while we awaited hub's arrival.
I sat there watching these two splishing & splashing in the rain that we all had prayed for over the last several years, and I couldn't have wiped the smile off my face or my soul at that very moment for anything! How blessed we are!

The last few miles were around Boomer Lake. We parked on one side and watched as hubby ran by across the lake. 

Watching him there, in that pouring rain, running without a care in the world is the *best* feeling EVER! Every race we go to, I'm reminded how we began this journey - a new way to bring glory to a body that had fought cancer, fought experimental chemo drugs, fought for US. 
A way to show God that we are thankful for all things, and we will show it through our lives and our words and our prayers. 
We will live life to the fullest.

and all the people said "amen".

The final hill!

His little finish line escort was ready, ringing his tiny little cowbell. (love him)

He finished his worst half marathon time yet! Ha! 
But, with almost no running since March and a torrential downpour, I'm gonna say go ahead a take it and be proud!
(because, uhh, there's no way I was gonna do it!)
;) We love you, Cap't Awesome!


So then, as if being drenched all morning wasn't enough, hubs and Em took off for an afternoon (which then turned into an afternoon + evening) of muddy, wet, paintball. 

I got this one in a text saying "This one wasn't my fault!" from the hubby. LOL!


Evan and I checked on our new nest. Momma bird is a Carolina Warbler. We thought maybe there were a couple cowbird eggs in there, but they actually all do seem to be hers. 

We also have a larger baby who likes to eat.
A lot.
Loudly letting mom + dad know.

Still no legs for the tads.

And this happened.
And sadly, it happens a lot.
He's a bad house elf, this Dobby.

In need of a PAWdicure. Har har. 
After the creatures were all checked on, Ev + I got out the marble run and built ourselves a run of massive fun!

In the end, we managed to make the elevators empty their marbles into each other's waiting line, so it was totally self-sufficient. How's that for awesome?!?
(plus, the COLORS.)

We decided that all that construction made us hungry and the boy requested mexican, so off we went to El Vaquero for 99c kids meals on Sunday. 

When we returned home, the rain had stopped, so we decided to get ourselves a little walking in.
About 5 minutes in, my phone was dinging off the hook with texts. When I finally checked, thinking it must be a massive paintball emergency, I had about 7 people who had each sent me a photo of the rainbows that they were seeing in the sky, each saying something to the effect of "Because I know you love rainbows..."

We searched the sky, but our neighborhood is very tree happy, so it wasn't until we got close to the pond that we saw it for ourselves.

And oh, gosh.

Rainbow with another faint rainbow under the violet.

It was actually a double rainbow. The top was a perfect reflection.
It was the brightest, most beautiful rainbow we had seen since we moved back!

Taste the Rainbow.
By the time we reached home, it had started sprinkling again, and the rainbow had faded. I really, really, really wished I would have had my camera with me, because WOW.
God's promise had never been more fabulous.
But, at least I had the ol' iphone, right?
Love it.

It was raining pretty steady the last 200 feet or so of the walk, and Ev was racing home on his bike while I walked. I told him to just go on ahead and I'd meet him at the house.
But a couple houses later, I saw him stop, hop off his bike, and run into the wet grass, rain and all.
"That crazy kid", I thought. "What is he up to now..."

and then, he came running, smile from ear to ear, holding his hand straight out the whole while, with a flower for his momma.

I love that boy.
He's so much like his daddy. 
Steals my heart a million times a day, that one.

and THAT, was our Sunday.


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