Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tuesday :[

i'm kinda having a crappy week.
and it's only just tuesday?
but, still.

our a/c went on the fritz monday night. we made it through until tuesday afternoon when the nice young man came to replace this and that and the other and charge this and fill that and reconnect this and that and the other once again.

and then, today. when i turned it on, it was blowing warm air.
but different this time.


i also saw a mouse outside today. he was looking all cute and beady-eyed in my spray paint box and i wanted him out, out, out, because, well, rainbows don't have any soft grey in them.
so, out he went and then i turn around to see a scorpion crawling around by the back door! a SCORPION! so i scream and cover my mouth in case scorpions are startled by screams, which, by the way, they are not, and grab the closest (of three) cans of wasp spray and squirt him like my life depended on it. i mean, i flooded the step like nobody's buisiness. and did you know they couldn't care less about wasp spray? yeah. he just ran off, his tail a stabbin'! so as he turns the corner, i move my bird seed container and there he is, HEADED TOWARDS A TREE FROG who had taken rest time there! now this scorpion was MAD, and that tail, whooo-weee, it was a-jabbin and a-swingin, and i could not, could NOT let that little guy get stung, so i screamed in horror as he got closer, and as luck would have it, tree frogs ARE startled by screams, but he jumped right INTO the puddle of wasp spray. so THEN, i drop the bird seed container (accidentally onto the scorpion, YAY), and shoo the frog out of the wasp spray, who then jumps right by the butt of that scorpion, stuck under the bird seed container like the wicked witch's sister, and lands on the next step down on his back. im pretty sure he was hit. im screaming AGAIN, and he manages to hop away to somewhere else, unseen, which is probably for the best because if i knew for sure i caused the death of a sweet little tree frog, well, i just dont think i can fathom it.
i collected the scorpion into a bug catcher, he was hurt from a squished head, but he was crawling around still, and im sure if i were able to hear bugs, he'd be screaming my name, vowing to get me back.


there's more.
little annoyances and realizations that kinda made my blue skies grey, but...

we're alive, and we're healthy, so, i cant complain all too much.

tuesday, i dont like you much.
be nicer.

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  1. Whoa... sounds like quite the ordeal! I had a similar ordeal about a week ago, except mine involved a baby bird and me falling in the process. I found myself a bit down that day as well. Hopefully something good will happen today... and turn your skies bright blue again! *hugs*

  2. Love your writing style. I had a mouse run by my foot during my 2 am potty break. ?!?! Kinda freaked me out.

  3. I would need meds after all that.


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