Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Summer Checklist!

We had about 90 % of our summer checklist done about 2 months ago, and finally filled in the last few spots with the newest travel brochures that *finally* came out last week. 
With our air conditioner going kaput, and our dryer holding on by duct tape (true story), and our van starting to moan and whine like an old beast does after a long, loved life, we just knew that summer vacation for us, was definitely going to be a summer staycation this year!
Which is all good, because, have you ever stayed and toured the stuff right around you? 
When we lived in the bay, we had so so so so many things to see and do, and we kinda just took them all for granted. Now that we've moved far away, we see cool places and things we'd like to see and find out we lived within 30 minutes of them! Boo for us!
There was a spring break one year that we actually sightsaw(?) right in our own city! That was pretty fun, especially for the kids. (Day ONE and TWO here.)
If you request travel brochures for your state, you'll find all kinds of fun things to do & see all around you. We do this every year, and compiled with my various books on roadside oddities and attractions, we have some pretty fun adventures. ;)

So, without further ado, the official
  2014 Castro Family Summer Checklist!

2011 checklist here, 2012's is here, I have no clue what happened to last years. Perhaps it had one item on it? ~ Move into new house. 

Theres no telling. Anyhow...

7 more days of school left, and we're all a giddy mess around here. yesterday the einsteins and I met at the rainbow table and had our family meeting, which involved discussing the summer chores and possible summer funs, and entering such things on ChoreMonster and discussing proper payments and fines, and the other such importances of a castro family meeting. and can you believe that during that meeting, the doorbell rang? and that is was two boys from emma's class that wanted to know if EVAN could come play with them? uh huh. He's that cool, folks. He hangs with the big boys. 
(well, not that time, because, well, he was in a very important meeting in the rainbow room, so, yeah.)

So with the checklist done, and the summer chores decided, and the list of "other" fun things made, (you know, the things that didn't make the checklist cut, but we still gonna go for), we were STOKED for summer! 

and after the adjournment, the daddy came home and we ate tacos and the cool kid went off with the cool big kids down the street, and the daddy and em went to soccer, and the cool kid came back just in time to not have the momma alone in the house, and we talked and talked and talked about what we were gonna do all summer long. 

so now, theyre at school and the hubby is at work, and im dreaming of the sun and milkshakes, and warm starry nights around the campfire. and my laundry having no socks in it, but more towels, and sparklers in the driveway, and quiet porchswinging with the hubby after bed, and lightning bugs in the woods, and biting fish, and the smell of the car a/c when it blows full blast on your face. 

(do i sound like Olaf yet?)

wanna join us on our adventures? we need a group for the Braums Factory tour!
plan it, yo!

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  1. Ooooh, I've always wanted to ride the train to Texas. :)

  2. The Braum's factory isn't too far from me! Tell my sister to load up and I'll meet y'all there!!!


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