Monday, May 5, 2014

The end of April...and some CHICKENS!

First, some randomness off the april iphone dump. and these are exclusive, peoples! No instagram reposts! ;)
On our way to school one morning.

lunch with my superboy.

mommy & son yoga night

big bug

the legocastros attending a street carnival in lego city a couple weekends ago. 
 If you aren't on my instagram, you dont know the #LegoCastros and all their adventures. But i assure you, they rock.

army attacker!

we've left san francisco, but ive still got the flower in my hair, 5 years later...
 and now we arrive at the day the farm came to pre-k.
at the end of the farm study, a local farmer brought some of his animals out for the kiddos to meet. One was winnie the pooh, the little horse thing. 
pretty sure he has a breed name besides little horse thing, but...
 there were big horses and sheep dogs and lots of farm tools, but the cutest of all were the baby chicks.
and i want one.
REALLY bad. 

He was the only one in the group that would pick them up.
and cuddle them.
and stroke their little baby furry feathers
and give them a gentle kiss on their little baby heads.

i need to build a coop now.


and THAT, my friends, sends april out the door. 

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  1. First off those baby chickens absolutely melt your heart... and your son is absolutely adorable! I am loving all the pictures, and I'm just recently a follower of your instagram... loving those as well!


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