Monday, May 5, 2014

May Day!

may has made its arrival, and on that very first may day, we harvested our first crop of broccoli.
and by crop, i mean, the first blooms.
you know, to promote growth, or something like that.

the ground is still too cold for the zucchini and squash, so we're still growing just broccoli and potatoes - just about the only non-squash veggies we eat regularly.
which, is fine, right? i mean, less harvesting and such, yes?

i once was addicted to farm town on my iphone.
it was bad. 
i was calling people all hours of the night begging for someone to harvest my crops.
even on vacation.
i was like a crack head looking for crack.

annnyways, THE GARDEN!

Evan harvested the first bud, which was the largest.

 They say that home grown broccoli bunches dont get much bigger than a quarter, so I'm guessing this was pretty good?

So Em and I got to cut the other two.
They were, sadly, babies.

 The kids and i ate them, and there was a census on taste. 100% of us voted that the taste was way better than store bought. hmm. go figure. 

so, other may 1st activities...

giant caterpillar with his hannah

the geese in our pond have 12 goslings!! Beat THAT jon & kate!

field trip to the science museum of oklahoma with maleah

a face painted emma & sam
may also brought a little snake that crawled onto my shoulder outside one day, the onset of (shudder) june bugs, and territorial birds that attack the windows all. day. long.

lookin' a little rough, may.
get it in gear, please.


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  1. Looks like a great way to start May off! Love the harvest pictures... I look forward to seeing more from your little garden! I want to plant potatoes too but because they have super cute vines that grow from them! And I so want to go to the science museum myself... it looks like so much fun! Happy May!


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