Wednesday, May 14, 2014


"eight more days of school! eight more days of school! eight eight eight!"
was the chorus the little einsteins were singing all the morning long. 

eight days, and i wish there were just one, maybe two. 
or none, would be totally fine, too.

can't wait for the days of a full 24 hours with the kiddos.

so, to get things caught up before the week of the zillions of end-of-the-year activities, im droppin the ol' iphone dump on ya half way through may.

get ready for some adorable

evan purchasing his own legos. (are your kids as obsessed with the self-check-outs as mine are??)
cinco de mayo with my half-mexican hubby!
(we ate tacos. cuz we live on the edge like that...)
Lego Heidi in her cinco de mayo getup.
Lego Heidi after her air conditioner died capoot, and the dryer decided to go all romeo & juliet and drink the poison, too. 
(et tu, dryer??)
first snowcone of the season!!
sadly, ev didn't call them "licorices" this time. im hoping it was a fluke, and he'll revert. 
i know. lame.
i got...wait for it...wait for it...
R A I N B O W !

the end-o-the-year celebration for a church group em is in held a zombie paintballing party to kick off summer. lucky for evan, she was allowed to bring the fam. :)
Oh yeah...
The zombies are coming! the zombies are coming!!
another one of these learning trucks came through the other day. (you might remember THIS ONE from a few years ago), but this one was about animals!
Ev and Sophia did a lot of diagnostics on these virtual animals. 
Want to see if it's on its way to you? CLICK HERE for the schedule!

The geese at our pond have been herding their goslings around to feed. One couple lost 3 of their five (most likely to turtles. Sad face), but these two still have all 12. Happy day!
i joined them one day last week, even though they promptly left me. 
and all i caught was one crappy crappie. 

my mother's day was quiet and delightful! we had a photo booth at church in the morning...
...and spent the couple hours before lunch playing in a new playground and watching the city goat squad do their mowing. 

number five was named "sweetie" by ems. he was the constant petting goat. 
goat selfie!

isn't it clever to use goats to "mow" places that cannot be reached easily with equipment? What a win-win! (and a triple win for the castro fam, who like to follow them around and name them ridiculous names and pet them so much that when you stop they playfully bite you until you pet again...)

so, when we got home, we enjoyed a nice lunch and i opened my gift from the kiddos, which was...
oh, yes. the tractor sprinkler!
wanted one for-eh-vuh.
not sure why.
just always have.

but our yard is so much dirt and so little grass, that it got stuck a few times in its own mud puddles. 

a quiet moment my boys had watching the stroms roll in.
an ADORBALE hat ev and i found at the party store in town.
(kinda sad it didn't come home with us...)
...and ev with the frozen cast.
of course.
...and they sang let it go 
the way.

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