Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Summer Checklist!

We had about 90 % of our summer checklist done about 2 months ago, and finally filled in the last few spots with the newest travel brochures that *finally* came out last week. 
With our air conditioner going kaput, and our dryer holding on by duct tape (true story), and our van starting to moan and whine like an old beast does after a long, loved life, we just knew that summer vacation for us, was definitely going to be a summer staycation this year!
Which is all good, because, have you ever stayed and toured the stuff right around you? 
When we lived in the bay, we had so so so so many things to see and do, and we kinda just took them all for granted. Now that we've moved far away, we see cool places and things we'd like to see and find out we lived within 30 minutes of them! Boo for us!
There was a spring break one year that we actually sightsaw(?) right in our own city! That was pretty fun, especially for the kids. (Day ONE and TWO here.)
If you request travel brochures for your state, you'll find all kinds of fun things to do & see all around you. We do this every year, and compiled with my various books on roadside oddities and attractions, we have some pretty fun adventures. ;)

So, without further ado, the official
  2014 Castro Family Summer Checklist!

2011 checklist here, 2012's is here, I have no clue what happened to last years. Perhaps it had one item on it? ~ Move into new house. 

Theres no telling. Anyhow...

7 more days of school left, and we're all a giddy mess around here. yesterday the einsteins and I met at the rainbow table and had our family meeting, which involved discussing the summer chores and possible summer funs, and entering such things on ChoreMonster and discussing proper payments and fines, and the other such importances of a castro family meeting. and can you believe that during that meeting, the doorbell rang? and that is was two boys from emma's class that wanted to know if EVAN could come play with them? uh huh. He's that cool, folks. He hangs with the big boys. 
(well, not that time, because, well, he was in a very important meeting in the rainbow room, so, yeah.)

So with the checklist done, and the summer chores decided, and the list of "other" fun things made, (you know, the things that didn't make the checklist cut, but we still gonna go for), we were STOKED for summer! 

and after the adjournment, the daddy came home and we ate tacos and the cool kid went off with the cool big kids down the street, and the daddy and em went to soccer, and the cool kid came back just in time to not have the momma alone in the house, and we talked and talked and talked about what we were gonna do all summer long. 

so now, theyre at school and the hubby is at work, and im dreaming of the sun and milkshakes, and warm starry nights around the campfire. and my laundry having no socks in it, but more towels, and sparklers in the driveway, and quiet porchswinging with the hubby after bed, and lightning bugs in the woods, and biting fish, and the smell of the car a/c when it blows full blast on your face. 

(do i sound like Olaf yet?)

wanna join us on our adventures? we need a group for the Braums Factory tour!
plan it, yo!

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"eight more days of school! eight more days of school! eight eight eight!"
was the chorus the little einsteins were singing all the morning long. 

eight days, and i wish there were just one, maybe two. 
or none, would be totally fine, too.

can't wait for the days of a full 24 hours with the kiddos.

so, to get things caught up before the week of the zillions of end-of-the-year activities, im droppin the ol' iphone dump on ya half way through may.

get ready for some adorable

evan purchasing his own legos. (are your kids as obsessed with the self-check-outs as mine are??)
cinco de mayo with my half-mexican hubby!
(we ate tacos. cuz we live on the edge like that...)
Lego Heidi in her cinco de mayo getup.
Lego Heidi after her air conditioner died capoot, and the dryer decided to go all romeo & juliet and drink the poison, too. 
(et tu, dryer??)
first snowcone of the season!!
sadly, ev didn't call them "licorices" this time. im hoping it was a fluke, and he'll revert. 
i know. lame.
i got...wait for it...wait for it...
R A I N B O W !

the end-o-the-year celebration for a church group em is in held a zombie paintballing party to kick off summer. lucky for evan, she was allowed to bring the fam. :)
Oh yeah...
The zombies are coming! the zombies are coming!!
another one of these learning trucks came through the other day. (you might remember THIS ONE from a few years ago), but this one was about animals!
Ev and Sophia did a lot of diagnostics on these virtual animals. 
Want to see if it's on its way to you? CLICK HERE for the schedule!

The geese at our pond have been herding their goslings around to feed. One couple lost 3 of their five (most likely to turtles. Sad face), but these two still have all 12. Happy day!
i joined them one day last week, even though they promptly left me. 
and all i caught was one crappy crappie. 

my mother's day was quiet and delightful! we had a photo booth at church in the morning...
...and spent the couple hours before lunch playing in a new playground and watching the city goat squad do their mowing. 

number five was named "sweetie" by ems. he was the constant petting goat. 
goat selfie!

isn't it clever to use goats to "mow" places that cannot be reached easily with equipment? What a win-win! (and a triple win for the castro fam, who like to follow them around and name them ridiculous names and pet them so much that when you stop they playfully bite you until you pet again...)

so, when we got home, we enjoyed a nice lunch and i opened my gift from the kiddos, which was...
oh, yes. the tractor sprinkler!
wanted one for-eh-vuh.
not sure why.
just always have.

but our yard is so much dirt and so little grass, that it got stuck a few times in its own mud puddles. 

a quiet moment my boys had watching the stroms roll in.
an ADORBALE hat ev and i found at the party store in town.
(kinda sad it didn't come home with us...)
...and ev with the frozen cast.
of course.
...and they sang let it go 
the way.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

tuesday :[

i'm kinda having a crappy week.
and it's only just tuesday?
but, still.

our a/c went on the fritz monday night. we made it through until tuesday afternoon when the nice young man came to replace this and that and the other and charge this and fill that and reconnect this and that and the other once again.

and then, today. when i turned it on, it was blowing warm air.
but different this time.


i also saw a mouse outside today. he was looking all cute and beady-eyed in my spray paint box and i wanted him out, out, out, because, well, rainbows don't have any soft grey in them.
so, out he went and then i turn around to see a scorpion crawling around by the back door! a SCORPION! so i scream and cover my mouth in case scorpions are startled by screams, which, by the way, they are not, and grab the closest (of three) cans of wasp spray and squirt him like my life depended on it. i mean, i flooded the step like nobody's buisiness. and did you know they couldn't care less about wasp spray? yeah. he just ran off, his tail a stabbin'! so as he turns the corner, i move my bird seed container and there he is, HEADED TOWARDS A TREE FROG who had taken rest time there! now this scorpion was MAD, and that tail, whooo-weee, it was a-jabbin and a-swingin, and i could not, could NOT let that little guy get stung, so i screamed in horror as he got closer, and as luck would have it, tree frogs ARE startled by screams, but he jumped right INTO the puddle of wasp spray. so THEN, i drop the bird seed container (accidentally onto the scorpion, YAY), and shoo the frog out of the wasp spray, who then jumps right by the butt of that scorpion, stuck under the bird seed container like the wicked witch's sister, and lands on the next step down on his back. im pretty sure he was hit. im screaming AGAIN, and he manages to hop away to somewhere else, unseen, which is probably for the best because if i knew for sure i caused the death of a sweet little tree frog, well, i just dont think i can fathom it.
i collected the scorpion into a bug catcher, he was hurt from a squished head, but he was crawling around still, and im sure if i were able to hear bugs, he'd be screaming my name, vowing to get me back.


there's more.
little annoyances and realizations that kinda made my blue skies grey, but...

we're alive, and we're healthy, so, i cant complain all too much.

tuesday, i dont like you much.
be nicer.

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Monday, May 5, 2014

the weekend wrap-up

the kids were out of school friday, for a teacher work day, that confuses me as to why it wasn't the friday before easter, or the monday after, but either way, we were happy for the extra hours of hometime, and em promptly grabbed a friend for the night, which hubby and I have come to expect on any given non-school-night. and so it was.
amongst other things, the two promised me skull shaped cake pops, and i waited ALL day for them! 

but, in the end, i was left with a destroyed kitchen, some scraps that looked like a zombie massacre cake pop apocalypse, and two giggling girls.
killed it! (no, really, they did.)
 evan had his little buddy over as well. they were more on my train of thought, and stayed outside most of the day with me. at one point, they served me a delicious salad made from nature's goodness. 
looks better than the cake pops

we raked the garden, fertilized it, and got it ready for "mounding" the potatoes. (which i still haven't done).  

the #legocastros visited a flower stand this weekend to get mommy minifig some mothers day flowers. what a sweet family. ;)

"thank you, lego family!" says momma mnifig!
 The morning was almost cold, but that didn't stop us from a picnic lunch at the park (with like 50 other people that had the same idea). but we rolled in with our rainbow chevron and blew them all away with our awesomness.
at least one person smiled?
 a tad bit later, our fav little parklets came by for a spell.
of course emma scooped baby S. up and kept her the whole time.

evan and i have been taking note of all the blooms in the front gardens of the house. we like to come out before school and discover which ones had bloomed that morning. So far, we have 4 colors:
dark purple (my favorite)

light purple (the tiny butterfly is a bonus)


and dark pink/red/purple, which is evan's fav, because, well, three colors. 
meanwhile, the fat cat enjoyed the morning watering 

Saturday morning, evan had his last soccer game of the season.
 he wanted to beat his 6-goals-in-one-game record that he had made the weekend before, but didn't quite make it. 
goal #2 in progress
 his little bestie scored a nice goal and i couldn't resist this photo.

the age group he plays in switches coaches, team members, and fields each week. we were happy he got to end the season with sophia. 

 MEANWHILE, emma and the hubby headed up for the annual Autism Oklahoma Piece Walk & 5k 
Our team was the 23rd highest fundraising team, thanks to a baseball team in Perkins, OK who donated their fundraising money to us. Isn't that the best??

emma, the cutest 5k out there.
 Ayden's momma took this photo for me. She had a little baby girl less than a month ago, and still did the 5k! Whuuuuu?? I know. Hard core.
Ayden has the best parents. 

and then emma played a soccer game, but i failed in photos for that one (hey, you can't be 100% all the time, peoples!) and ended the evening at a friends' house, where i got to cuddle with this precious little one.

Sunday morning was another run, this time evan's favorite from 2013, the Little Dude Dash & Princess Run
The atmosphere at this race is always fun for the kiddos. 

He refused to unmask himself, even in the heat because batman doesn't want to give up his identity!

batman also doesn't smile, he said. 
 this race is a 2k, so it was a pretty quick one for these two. 

evan batman at the finish line!

the princess getting ready to cross!

bling bling!

another weekend survived!

so this week leaves 2 more evenings free for me & the little man, and 1 for the hubby & princess. can't wait until summuhtime when we get to lay around like fat cats every evening!!

i'll have to post our summer bucket list soon...we've got a few more spots to fill.
what are you up to this summer??


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